10 Best Dining Restaurants in Dubai that serve Every Cuisine

10 Best Dining Restaurants in Dubai that serve Every Cuisine

Food in Dubai is really exotic and thoughtful creation, no matter what food point you choose. There are some restaurants that are famous for Arabic cuisine that is specialty of Dubai while others are famous for serving any national cuisine. Dubai might not have its own Michelin guide but its food chains are based upon the imported chefs and food serving points that are already well known around the world. If you have visited Dubai, then you will be aware of its awesome food taste and ambiance but if it is your first visit or if you have not gone there in a while then you can benefit from our list of best dining restaurants in Dubai which are far more than stunning décor and unforgettable food experience. We recommend using Atlantis Coupon Code given at coupon.ae while dining at these places so that you can save on your worthy experience.This list of amazing food destinations will make you go wow.

Al Mahara Nathan Outlaw:

This place gives you unique water experience through aquariums all around the place. If you want seafood experience without having to struggle for underwater restaurant, then this place is your pick. The ingredients used here and the simplicity offered with the hint of perfection speaks high of this place. Water front cocktails of this place are amazing.

Eauzone One Restaurant:

This place gives you different experience during each time of the day. In the noon, this place gives a view of slow place of the royal mirage and in the night it represents the refined and peaceful experience of fine dining. This beautiful and royal place is designed around a pool so you can have a translucent water floating experience with your appetizing food services.

La Petite Maison Dubai:

This place is near the international financial centre of Dubai and the “Old Genose” cooking style of this place is beyond appreciation. Here you can have generous sea food and every other national cuisine that you can think of. This might be pricey for you but if used Atlantis Coupon Code obtainable at coupon.ae then moneywill not be a problem for you.

Al Hadheerah- Al Hadheerah:

This dining place is just at the drive of an hour from the Dubai airport. This restaurant is attached with a signature spa and desert resort. It is surrounded by sand dunes and under the stars experience of an isolated oasis given by this place is beyond the definition of serenity. After dining here, you can go to Emirati Museum to getworth seeing cultural dose.

Nobu Dubai Arabian Atlantis:

Japanese style influenced by the Arabian edge, this place is a classic and legendary choice for any food lover to make. This world renowned place lets its guests to learn the secrets of its fine taste through open kitchen. This place is a worth going choice but a wise person will use Atlantis Coupon Code offered at coupon.ae to save money on this lovely dining.

Brasserie Boulud:

It is another must-visit pick when it comes to try different cuisines in Dubai during your trip. It exists among the leading dining spots in Dubai that both residents as well as tourists visit regularly. Yes, it is budget-friendly; hence, you can enjoy maximum dishes there, so gear up for that and complete your Dubai’s trip with lots of memories. You find that it has been designed by Daniel Boulud who is the famous chef. There, you get a chance to come across the French culture along with enjoying its famous cuisine, so never miss it out while trying other dining options in Dubai. Types of nuts that is useful in weight loss

Bull & Bear:

People in Dubai also prefer visiting it because it also offers an outstanding menu that has the widest array of dishes that you can enjoy in the budget-friendly way. If you talk about its main courses, so they are lobster linguini, Beef Rossini and many other dishes, so visiting there is must for you during a tour. That is not all; you can also go there for the perfect breakfast that keeps you active throughout the day to visit various tourist attractions without being tired. There is no second opinion that during weekends, this dining spot is full of people trying best cuisines.

Ce La Vi:

No way, you can also not ignore this option because it is also the prominent name when it comes to offer best cuisines in the city at the affordable rates. It happens to be the one-stop-solution for trying Asian cuisines, so never end up your trip without visiting it. Indeed, it is budget-friendly and its chefs are highly experienced to come up with delicious dishes and for that they use high-quality ingredients. All these attributes of this restaurant compel you to visit it and enjoy awesome food.


Indeed, it is the hub of Northern Chinese cuisine in Dubai and dozens of tourists visit it daily, so you should also try its quality dishes at the reasonable rates. The origin of this restaurant is Hong Kong and gradually it expanded all across the world. While visiting it, you find the awesome Chinese wishing tree, making your dining experience more beautiful. With trying its other dishes, you should never overlook Sichuan-method lobster as well as dim sim.

Mimi Kakushi:

If the Japanese cuisine attracts you then it is the right place to visit in Dubai because it offers you the huge variety of Japanese dishes and it is also the affordable option for you. In this restaurant, you enjoy Asian foods with the ideal western touch, so get ready to experience Japanese culture and its rich foods in Dubai. Its chefs know the importance of using fresh and high-quality ingredients; thus, its customers enjoy the best foods in the town. While digging it out its ideal menu, you find gyoza, tempura, sushi and various other famous Japanese dishes. You can also enjoy its brunch that is available on every Friday as well as Saturday.


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