10 Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

10 Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Halloween is a festival derived from “All Hallows ‘Eve” with the meaning of “divine evening” or ghost festival that has been recently responded by many countries around the world and celebrated in many places, Halloween. has been gradually accepted and accepted by many people.

According to the origin, Halloween is held on October 31 every year, this day marks the end of summer and harvest, which also means the beginning of the cold winter, a time that usually occurs in the winter. years and is still considered the new year, the ghosts of the dead have returned to earth.

After many years of appearance, now with young people, Halloween is considered as a spiritual gift, a special fun occasion with horror and scary gadgets. For the ceremony to go smoothly and have many memories, homeowners often decorate their families beautifully. Here are the top 10 indoor Halloween decorating ideas for small spaces.

1. Spider web decoration – an indispensable element in the Halloween season

Black spiders or webs bring a gloomy, scary feeling. And these are the images that cannot be missed in the devil festival. Of course, you don’t have to catch real spiders or buy decorative spiders. Because they can be made of wool, paper, and many other materials. Small note: choose black when making spiders and webs.

2. As long as there are pumpkins, Halloween is here

During each Halloween season, families will turn pumpkins into lanterns with scary faces. Pumpkins bring Halloween atmosphere everywhere. Therefore, you should not lack this decoration in your home. If you can’t carve out hollows and place candles, you can completely draw weird, special, or even cute faces on the pumpkin.

3. Decorate Halloween with a witch effigy

Of course, Halloween is indispensable for images of witches with spooky and horror features. You can also use these mysterious witches with spooky designs to decorate your home. Using a witch image decal is also quite not simple. You can buy these Halloween decals and stickers on the market, but you need to carefully learn the characteristics of each type of decal and sticker. Decals and stickers are also beautiful and easy to make Halloween decorations, they are popularly sold on e-commerce sites, take advantage of discount codes and coupons when shopping a witch effigy during the halloween to save money. This idea is especially suitable for those of you who want to decorate walls and glass doors.

Besides, you can also make your own Halloween hats for your children to immerse themselves in the unique carnival. You use paper rolls into the shape of a witch’s hat. Finally, glue the top of the hat and the brim together with a glue gun to finish the hat.

4. Bringing mummy into the house is simple

Mummies also count as devils, right? And there’s no need for real mummies to come to life… just wrap a tissue around an item, add eyes and you’ve got a mummy in your house.

5. Have fun with socks

Don’t get me wrong, these socks aren’t used to beg for candy-like at Christmas… They’re meant to scare. What do you think when a person is buried with half of his upper body on the ground, only 2 legs appear above… Just imagining it is scary.

6. Test your dexterity when drawing Halloween motifs on furniture

One of the simplest ways is to paint Halloween-related motifs on the walls and some items in the house. Thus, you will not need to search for ingredients and sit down to work anymore. However, this method will require you to have a bit of a hand.

7. Don’t forget the spooky bats

Bats are often associated with the image of Dracula – a vampire demon that sucks human blood. That makes bats always at the TOP of the animals associated with the devil, making people wary and afraid. So when decorating the house for Halloween, don’t forget to add paper bats to the wall, the atmosphere will be very scary. 10 Impressive Gift Ideas For Valentines Day 2022

Small note: the scary bat is just a symbolic image the bats in real life are also very cute!

8. Food also needs to be shaped like Halloween

In addition to decorating the house, you should also prioritize shaping food into bold Halloween characters. The method is not too difficult, especially with chocolate or cakes.

9. Candles – the easiest Halloween decorations

Candles are easy to mold into different shapes. You can carve a candle into the shape of many bones or make a candle into a hand…. The way to do it is simple but the effect is amazing.

10. Spooky hands – looks complicated but it’s not complicated at all

As mentioned above, the hand is entirely made of candles. But in addition to this material, you can use rubber gloves or adhesive tape… Then put them on the table or attach them to the door, they will startle people. Really!


Above are 10 ideas for indoor Halloween decoration for small spaces, you can easily bring Halloween atmosphere into your home. All methods are very quick and simple. What you need to do now is to choose your ideas and make them real. And remember to use discount codes, coupons this Halloween when buying to save, have a happy holiday.


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