10 simple tips to decorate diyas this Diwali 2021

10 simple tips to decorate diyas this Diwali 2021

The heavenly aura, the lights around the corner, the aroma of scented candles, the sound of temple bells, and the heavenly aura all remind you of one thing: Diwali. The Festival of Lights is a lovely event that necessitates a lot of illumination and blessings. To make Lord Rama’s journey easier, Hindu traditions teach us to burn Diyas or candles. Don’t only follow the customs this Diwali; add a twist to them. To make it more fun and enriching, spend time with loved ones and design gorgeous diya decorations.

It already sounds like a much-anticipated errand for the house’s creative pals. Join us to learn about some wonderful Diya décor ideas for your home and to be as distinctive as you want:

  1. Painting diyas in metallic color-

Diya lighting is all about the triumph of virtue over evil, therefore paint your Diyas in gorgeous silver and golden colors to lend grace to the event. They reflect light to make it look shinier and brighter while maintaining classic grace and elegance.

  1. Designing diyas-

If you have an artistic side to your personality, Diwali is the perfect opportunity to show it off with Diya decorations. Paint peacocks, Swastikas, flowers, dotted patterns, and a variety of other Diwali-themed designs.

  1. Paste mirror and ribbons

Decorating your Diyas with mirrors and ribbons is a contemporary yet eye-catching idea. The gleam and reflection of the mirror, as well as the delicate aesthetic of matte and shiny stripes, raise the luminosity of your Diyas to a new level, making them attractive.

  1. Flowers and beads

The usage of fresh and natural Diwali flowers is a brilliant idea for Diya décor at home. The use of gorgeous pink, red, and white roses and lilies around Diyas adds both grace and aroma to the celebrations. Apply some beads to the Diyas to make them sparkle even more.

  1. Rangoli and Diyas

Making a rangoli for Diwali is an enduring tradition that is also a lot of fun for everyone.Ensure that your Diyas are well-decorated, as this is when the most impressive images will appear.

  1. Diya lighting lamps

Using a lighting lamp is a very over-the-top, extremely sophisticated, and elegant technique of gorgeous diya décor. It looks wonderful when the graceful golden color and the color of lit Diyas are combined. To complete the look, scatter some flower petals around the lamp.

  1. A collection of Diyas

Rather than just one, plate a set of four or eight Diyas, each with a different color scheme created with beads, ribbon, mirror, and paints. To make the dish look complete and beautiful, decorate it as well. A set of golden and red, blue and white, or other similar combinations might look stunning.

  1. A rangoli of Diyas

There is no limit to the number of Diyas you can light during Diwali, and there is no limit to the joy you can spread with them. Make a statement with a rangoli made with Diyas that is elegantly ornamented this Diwali. This will help you stand out from the crowd and provide you with some fascinating photos to share on social media. Like Diwali sweets, the festival of lights seems incomplete without a bright rangoli!

  1. Tiara like Diyas

Make little tiaras out of artificial flowers in a variety of stunning colors for your Diyas. Its subtle metallic touch, along with the natural beauty of flowers, will leave everyone speechless. This diya décor for the home is simple, easy, and attractive. TOP 4 Beautiful Flowers And Their Amazing Benefits

  1. Diyas on mirror

It’s one thing to decorate Diyas with mirrors; it’s another to place them on a mirror as an improvised Diwali Diya decoration. It multiplies the size and light effects. The image will be just stunning. And, let’s face it, it’ll be the most unusual and stylish Diya decoration in the neighborhood.

These were some lovely Diya decoration ideas to brighten up your Diwali celebrations. A wonderful Diwali begins with decorations and finishes with a chuckle and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. Make your holiday decorations count this year. You will remember the fantastic decoration you did and inspire yourself and others to continue the fantastic tradition of thrilling decorations that make a difference whenever you look back at the time along with Diwali gifts for friends and share joy watching the diyas designed by you.


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