Luxury vehicles are built to be high-quality products and even a used one retains most of those premium elements. Be it the build, the fit & finish or the features you know you are getting something way better than what a brand-new mass-market car in the same price would offer. One of the bigger benefits of going for a pre-owned car, apart from the price factor alone, is that you get to buy your desired vehicle that would have otherwise been out of your reach as a brand-new car. This is especially true when it comes to luxury vehicles, which are accessible to only a select group of customers in the new car market and to a much wider group of buyers in the pre-owned vehicle space. While it’s a car lovers aim to own his dream luxury car, there is a huge section of buyers who wisely opt for a used luxury car after weighing the vast advantages that tide over buying a new luxury car. Selling a luxury car also demands equal amount of precision and awareness as the buying process involves. While going for a second-hand luxury car, there has been a rising trend of customers veering away from the traditional middlemen in favour of recognised dealerships for their brand, assurance, warranty & accountability.

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used car or e pre-owned car which has undergone a series of multi-point checks or inspection and is also maintained in a trouble-free condition. These multi-point checks are done thoroughly by a qualified technical expert who offers his acknowledgement only after carefully checking the minutest of details in a used car. In today’s times, if you plan to sell your luxury car or even buy for that matter, both buyers and sellers are well-informed and aware of putting their right earned money in the right place where they can drive out with a great pre-owned luxury car hassle-free. If you too are planning to enter the premium or luxury car space, via the pre-owned car market, here are some reasons to buy it from a certified dealership alone:

  1. Authorised used car dealerships are great places to browse for and purchase used cars. As PCH Auto World says, “We buy luxury cars, if you’re ready for a great deal”. Buying a used car can be a great value as long as you make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Be sure to reap the advantages of an authorised used car dealer like PCH while at the same time understand the things you need to watch out for.
  2. Authorised used car dealerships have vehicles of many different makes, models, years & colours. The dealers get their cars from a variety of sources and through their means of vehicle acquisition, these dealers can gather many types of vehicles, providing buyers with a wide selection of cars.
  3. When buying from an authorised used car dealership, there may be some room to bargain as most used car dealers are not officially sanctioned by any large auto corporation & the customer is in a position to bargain.
  4. Generally, an authorised used car dealership handles all the paperwork associated with ownership or title transfer and registration for the buyer. It is as smooth as buying a new car.
  5. They offer great financing options.
  6. They also come packed with warranties on their used cars & provide a car history check as well.
  7. All the cars from an authorised used luxury car dealership have been thoroughly inspected, tested with a series of stringent checks, each of the cars on sale goes through rigorous checkpoints for interiors, exteriors, engine efficiency, road performance & under-chassis safety.
  8. They only sell certified pre-owned vehicles, which means that the used luxury car has been through an official series of inspections and possible repairs & reaches you with a special warranty.
  9. It also offers legal protection than buying from a private party.
  10. A reputed car dealership like PCH Auto World invests many years in building relationships with customers.
  11. They ensure great product quality & have to disclose any concerns.
  12. They may also offer an additional service like roadside assistance.

Shopping for a car is definitely a complex process, especially to the buyers of a pre-owned luxury car. Certified pre-owned cars are a low-risk way to drive out of the lot with a quality used car. Always remember, an informed car owner is a happy car owner.

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