3 Ways eCommerce PPC Management Can Help Save Your Business

3 Ways eCommerce PPC Management Can Help Save Your Business

There should be a law against reckless PPC spending. With all the free information about Pay-Per-Click campaigns available, one would think that businesses would be more careful with their ad spend in 2021. But reality continues to prove Mark Twain right: truth is stranger than fiction and does not seem to care for any amount of stats we throw at it.

So, we have had to deal with a couple of clients who, in their desperation for quick results, made quite a few rookie mistakes when running a haphazardly put PPC campaign, and ran out of money without having anything to show for it.

We get it. Digital marketing and SEO do not precisely yield instantaneous success. Businesses want to generate some kind of initial traction and start bringing in more traffic before the effects of their carefully planned SEO campaign kick in. However, without a sound eCommerce PPC management system in place, what seems to be a good idea can backfire spectacularly.

So, how can eCommerce PPC management services help your business save money?

Well, depending on the keywords you want to target, PPC can be expensive. The tricky part is no amount of money guarantees returns. Without the help of experienced digital marketers, ad waste can get out of control real quick. An eCommerce management agency specializes in overseeing PPC ad spend and figuring out ways to maximize ROI by minimizing customer acquisition costs and increasing conversion rates. How is this done?

Landing Page Optimization

Many start their PPC campaigns thinking they have it all figured out. They come with a list of desired or ideal keywords and start creating ads jam-packed with these golden terms. It is only when they are halfway through their incredible campaign that they realize their arks are running dry, and conversion rates are glued to the floor.

When designing a PPC campaign, landing pages should be given top priority. They must contain clear clues for users to follow through the conversion funnel. Contrary to what many would recommend, you cannot push users down their customer journey. Instead, you need to lead them down the path of least resistance, so they comfortably and effortlessly close the sale and feel happy about it.

One more thing, never leave anything to chance. You must design several landing pages for each campaign and do some split testing. The point of managing a PPC campaign is to always find ways to maximize conversions, so you have to constantly compare landing pages using various metrics, and discard the ones that show a diminishing performance. Split testing must never stop. Ever.

Bidding Strategies

This might sound counterintuitive: outbid your competitors right at the beginning.

“Wait, I thought PPC management was about saving money”, I hear you say. And this is precisely what we´re going after, but let me elaborate. Whenever you´re testing how a group of ads performs, you need hard data that helps you decide on the most effective combination of ad copy and landing pages. If you lowball your bids, it might take you weeks before having a clear winner, which will inevitably lead to wasted spend on poorly designed ads. The best strategy is to outbid your competitors for a few days, ditch out the worst performing ads, readjust your bids, and watch conversion rates go up. Rinse and repeat.

Keyword Management

Even if these strategies can help you keep costs under control, you still need to outperform your competitors. Keyword management strategies allow you to find low-hanging fruits that others ignore and convert them into lead magnets and qualified traffic. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal the secret sauce here, but let us just say that it requires extensive knowledge of human psychology, marketing techniques, and staying on top of the latest trends in search engine optimization.

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