4 Best User Testing Tools to Improve User Experience

4 Best User Testing Tools to Improve User Experience

When you are trying to improve the user experience of your website, you need to test every element of your website. To help you do this, there are several user testing software tools in the market. These testing tools are effective to convert visitors into regular users. Through these testing tools, besides improving the overall user experience, you can understand the expectations and needs of the users through their important feedback. This article will discuss the four best user testing platforms that provide effective tools and software to display the behavior of the users so that you can fix the issues and design your website in a more productive way.

  1. Loop11:

Loop11 is the most prominent and simple user testing tool. Through this platform, you can conduct usability testing for prototyping, wireframes, websites, and accessibility. In order to get both qualitative and quantitative results, you can add questions along with the tasks in this tool. As this tool offers screen, audio, and video recording features, you can it for unmoderated usability testing. For different elements of the website, there are multiple tests available on this platform. You will also have a pool of participants from where you can recruit participants. Therefore, if you want to have a high-level solution for improving the performance of your website, Loop11 is the best tool. The pricing of this tool is $69 per month and a free trial is available.

  1. com

UserTesting is an effective tool for product managers, designers, executives, and marketers who want to have a set of customer experience tools. Through this platform, you can directly communicate with the customers and understand their interactions with the prototypes, applications, and websites. You will also have different features including product insights and marketing insights. Therefore, you can not only design the interviews to get better feedback but also you can create marketing campaigns and content. The pre-formatted tests, live conversation feature for scheduling interviews and recruiting are loved most by the users. This platform charges $49 per video session and you will also have free trials. 7 Reasons To Move From Android To iPhone

  1. Lookback:

Lookback offers a screen recording tool to view the interaction of the users with the applications. Therefore, this is a great tool for product managers and designers. This tool is effective for remote testing where the participants have to download the app through your provided link and then start a self-test or live session. This platform is very much user-friendly and effective for remote user research. Besides the availability of a free trial, the pricing of this tool is $99 per month.

  1. UsabilityHub:

UsabilityHub is a great platform for identifying usability issues and conducting several types of research tests. Among several tests, the most effective tests that you can run on this platform are design surveys, first-click tests, five-second tests, and preference tests. There are 170,000 testers available in the platform’s built-in participant panel. Besides easy and straightforward features, this tool is effective for remote user research. The price of this tool is $79 per month and for the annual subscription, the price is $66 per month.


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