4 ways to buy used cars and precaution

4 ways to buy used cars and precaution

Buying a second-hand car now is nothing more than buying from automobile companies, buying from old car dealers, private purchases, and auctions. Kew Hoong will introduce you to these kinds of car buying methods and their precautions. And also recommend one car like HONDA CIVIC for buying at the lowest and cheap price from one best online platforms lepaskunci.com.my, now I discuss with you some basic points of precautions

1. Go to a car company to buy a used car

With the gradual development of second-hand car replacement and brand monopoly, some brand-name car production companies have also begun to set foot in the sales of second-hand cars of their own brands. Some car dealers that were mainly selling new cars have also begun to concurrently operate second-hand car businesses. At present, there are second-hand car dealers designated by  Volkswagen and  GM to sell second-hand cars of  Volkswagen series and Shanghai Buick series respectively, which are quite targeted for consumers who lock in these car models. In order to maintain the brand image, these companies pay great attention to the selection of car conditions when recycling old cars. Regular car dealers generally do not purchase or sell vehicles with greater hidden dangers and unknown origins. Most of the vehicles are newer and have tested quality. Certificate, so the condition of the car is guaranteed.

In order to avoid the impact of disputes and inconveniences in the transaction of second-hand cars on the company’s own reputation and sales of new cars, many auto companies also promised a certain warranty period and a series of after-sales services such as insurance agency to relieve consumers’ worries. Due to the cost of purchase, the condition of the car and the service, it is recommended that consumers who buy second-hand cars for the first time and those who do not understand cars should choose to buy from a car company. Although you spend a little more money, the car condition is guaranteed, saving trouble and worry, and reducing the future The cost of maintenance is worthwhile in the long run.

  1. Buy a second-hand car at an old car dealer

Used car dealers or used car markets are places that specialize in selling second-hand cars. Some are small-scale stores. The number and types of vehicles are not many, and the price is cheaper, but not very secure; some are large-scale. Stores, such as the lepaskunci Used Car Market online, have thousands of cars to choose from. These hypermarkets are all second-hand car brokerage companies with formal operating rights. The purchase is more secure, but the price is relatively high. New Cars to Buy from Maruti Suzuki

There are many fish and fish in old car shops. Choosing this transaction method will test whether consumers have a pair of bright eyes. If you know the car and will bargain, it is very likely that you can buy a good value-for-money car with very little money; on the contrary, if If you look wrong, you will lose a lot, and you will be troubled. Consumers are advised to choose a large-scale and formal used car market to buy cars, because hypermarkets provide more guarantees in terms of warranty and after-sales service for follow-up operations.

  1. Buy second-hand cars from private individuals

Some people want to resell their cars to get cash as soon as possible due to various reasons such as going abroad, changing cars, and inefficient capital turnover. In order to save intermediary fees or unwilling to be bought at a low price, they adopt self-sale methods. Consumers can buy from car acquaintances, or directly trade with car owners through self-sale advertisements. But no matter who you are dealing with, you must carefully check your documents and see the condition of the car. But buying from dealer save you from cheating.

Purchasing second-hand cars from private individuals can save the profits earned by intermediary dealerships. Coupled with taking advantage of the seller’s eagerness to cash out, there is more room for bargaining, usually at lower prices. However, after the purchase, a lot of complicated procedures (such as transfer of ownership, insurance, loan, etc.) must be handled in person. If you find that the car has tax arrears or insufficient documents and cannot be transferred, there is no way to complain. It is impossible to provide warranty service in private transactions, and the car has not been cleaned up. After buying it back, you have to pay for inspection and maintenance.

Fourth, buy foreclosure used cars

Vehicles that are forcibly recovered by the bank due to the original owner’s inability to pay the car loan or other reasons will be sent to the auction house for auction. Financial mistakes and the high cost of car maintenance are important factors that have caused the increase in the number of foreseeable cars. Therefore, buying through auctions has also become a way to trade used cars.

Absolutely legal sources and low reserve prices are the advantages of foreclosure cars, but buying foreclosure cars is also the most insecure way. Consumers are generally not recommended to buy foreclosure cars.

First of all, the entire purchase process cannot be tested. At the auction, you can only see the static state of the vehicle. Even people who know the car cannot understand the car’s condition in more detail. As for whether it can be driven after being photographed, it is entirely luck.

Secondly, the car was not repaired, what was the condition of the car at the time of the collection, and what was the condition of the car at the time of auction. It has not been refurbished at all. After buying it back, if there are many problems, it will cost a lot of rest and repair costs; there may also be tax arrears and violations. The bank is not responsible for any costs incurred by the foreseeable car, so if the car feels that a series of costs such as fuel, taxes, and traffic violation tickets are owed in the coming year, the buyer will be responsible for it. In violation of regulations, a lot of wrongful money will be spent after the purchase.

Finally, the price of foreclosure cars is very variable. Although the reserve price offered is low, consumers with inexperience in bidding may not be able to buy because the bid is low, or the bid price is higher than the market, and the auction market in my country is not very standardized, and malicious bidding is likely to occur. I recommend you visit a site like lepaskunci.com.my  in Malaysia for making the decision of buying cars.



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