5 Home Problems Poor Quality Pipes Can Cause You

5 Home Problems Poor Quality Pipes Can Cause You

Water pipes are important in having a well-maintained home. Along with the most prized possessions you have in your household, pipes are also necessary to maintain and be kept at their best state all the time. This is because aside from their utility, they also provide efficiency and safety a lot of people might overlook when it comes to home care.

Regardless of the material of your pipes – be it steel pipe or PVC – pipe aging can lead to household issues that need to be addressed, not to mention the various low-quality pipes that you can access in your local stores. Although opting for lower-quality pipes is your cheaper option, you will become more susceptible to household issues in no time.

Not only will plumbing issues occur faster and more commonly with poor quality pipes but more serious problems can arise when these issues are left unaddressed for a while. Oftentimes, you might not even be aware that the cause of stress and frustrations you have at home are the pipes that urgently need your attention.

And so, for you to fully understand the importance of having well-maintained and high-quality pipes at home, here are some problems that you might deal with without them:


One of the most obvious and immediate problems you will encounter with poor-quality pipes is leakage. Leaks can affect different areas of your home such as showers, water heaters, faucets, drainage systems, and more. And while this is a rather common occurrence in any household, it is still a major stressor not only to keeping your house well-kept but to your wallets as well.

Leaks can cause spikes on your water bill and when left unaddressed, they will also need professional plumbing solutions that can cost you some bucks too. Continuous leakage from indoors can also lead to damage and accelerate corrosion of your household features and appliances.

Water Heater Problems

Showering on mornings during winter or rainy days can be a nightmare when your water heater is not working as it should. Access to warm and hot water is important to stabilize your body temperature, improve your overall mood, and help you relax after a long and tiring day or freezing weather. And because keeping your water heater is important, it is also needed to make sure that it is properly installed and maintained.

With pipe problems, your water heater can have issues with overheating, stuck valves, damaged gasket, and leakages in the water tank. No matter how much you invest in a high-quality water heater, its reliability will still depend on the quality of the pipes and other tools that you will use to install it.

Clogged Drains

One of the most frustrating things to experience at home is having clogged drains, from showers, bathtubs, and sinks, clogging can be the main issue that prevents your house to be clean and sanitary.

Hairs, dirt, grime, oil, and other substances can get stocked on your drainage system and accumulate over time. This can make the clogged water dirty in return. When left uncleaned, you are risking contamination in your drains that can lead to health hazards too.

A pipe that is easy to clean and can withstand pressure and disruptions is needed to prevent clogged drains. This issue is a manifestation that the main cause of your problems might not be necessarily visible at all times but it can raise issues that are harmful and can get worse in the long run. This affects not only your house’s structural and sanitary state but your health as well. Marketing Communication Mix

Dripping Faucets & Running Toilets

Dripping faucets and running toilets are notorious for being the main factors that cause sky-high water bills. When a pipe is leaking or is not putting the right amount of pressure to control your faucet and toilet systems, water pressure will be unmanageable.

Although this problem is relatively easy to get remedied, you do not want to experience the same issues caused by the same thing over and over, right? This does not only put your energy to waste but the amount of money you are spending on maintenance and services as well. However mundane it might seem, repetitively dealing with it will only hurt you in the long haul.

Foul Smell

Do you ever wonder where that stinky smell in your house is coming from? It might be from your pipes. Low-quality pipes are prone to leakages, corrosion, and other damages. This makes anything that flows through your pipes exposed to its surrounding environment. Be it from the sewage or toilets, the layer of safety and protection a pipe should be providing you will be useless when it is damaged.

If you and every member of your household are exposed to substances and chemicals that should not be inhaled or ingested in any way, it can lead to health risks that can be more serious over time. You are also exposing your entire home to these unwanted chemicals so your overall home environment will need efforts to disinfect and clean that might need professional help.

Key Takeaway

As the popular saying goes, “a healthy home is a happy home”. Home maintenance issues are common and there are countless options and ways for you to address them. However, you can easily prevent these issues by making mindful and wise decisions when it comes to its important structural features such as pipes.

The quality of the pipes to be used at home is often undermined probably because no one directly utilizes them on a daily basis. But if you reflect on the bigger picture and the role it plays in the household, it is clear that there is a need to invest in quality ones that will save you from stress, diseases, and financial burden.

By understanding how poor quality pipes cause issues such as leaks, water heater problems, clogged drains, dripping faucets, running toilets, and foul smells, you will also understand their significance in your household. And now that you do, it is up to you to act on it to keep a healthy home for you and your family.


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