5 Large Cities with the Cheapest Rent

5 Large Cities with the Cheapest Rent

Rent is one of the most stressful parts of daily life.  Although we’d all rather own our homes, over a third of Americans rent their current houses.  Fortunately, there are some cities where rent is more affordable!

These are five large cities with the most affordable rent! 

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is at the heart of Texas and offers a lot of work and industry options, while the rent still sits below $1,200 a month.  At the perfect place in Texas, too far north for any hurricane activity, too far south to freeze in the winter, and out of the desert in lush green land, it’s easy to fall in love with this area. 

Having a car is a must here, so if you’re considering moving out to Antonio, it’s a good idea to get a vehicle and be prepared for the in-depth yearly inspections Texas calls for.

Memphis, Tennessee

Despite this being one of the largest cities in the country, Memphis houses for sale are incredibly affordable!  Memphis is a great area full of foliage in the fall and beautiful greenery in the spring.  Music and food are at the heart of this city and give everyone a chance to tap into what makes them feel things in their daily life.

With the local fun at rivers and lakes and the countless trails to bike and hike, you’ll find that a balance of work and life is as natural as the surrounding forests! 

Jacksonville, Florida

Florida is always a dream come true, and nowhere is that more visible than in Jacksonville!  Also known as Actionville, this city allows you to cut loose, explore the nightlife, and then clock in and do work you enjoy.

There are countless industries and Fortune 500 companies that call Jacksonville home, and living here gives you a chance to climb that corporate ladder in no time! 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City will surprise you from the moment you arrive!  This is a good capital with everything from poutine trucks to fantastic fried chicken and waffle literal hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  

Locals love the warmer winters, but summers have been getting incredibly hot.  Rent can stay below $1,000 as long as you rent in the right area, and you’ll fall in love with the countless things to do and see here! 

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is the most affordable city on this list!  Kentucky is an awesome secret that many people overlook, but it offers so many perks to the people who live here.  From the endless greenery and beautiful outdoors to the fantastic bustling cities with awesome major sports leagues, you’ll never run out of things to do and see.  With the low price of rent, if you work from home and want to make your money stretch further, this is the place to move!

Affordable Living Doesn’t Have to Be Rural!

Whether you want a fresh start in a more affordable area, or you work online and want to save money on monthly expenses, moving can be a great choice!  Consider moving to any of these awesome areas soon! 

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