5 Suggestions for Everlasting Solar lights

5 Suggestions for Everlasting Solar lights

Solar energy has been the hot topic around the world for nations to think and start building their economies on this green energy. As a result, many viable options came to the fore in the world over a span of a decade. Be it Solar cookers or Solar LED Lights or Solar panels and what not, we have seen immense growth in this arena, speaking inclusively about household as well as industrial installations. This clean energy, though almost maintenance free, still requires some amount of care to last longer than guaranteed. This blog will talk about intelligent ways that can be installed for the upkeep of the Solar LED Lights.



It gets as simple as that- Cleaning, like any other equipment. The outdoor Solar LED Street Lights need solar panels to absorb radiant energy. Cleaning them helps the solar panels to maintain the maximum energy absorption, hence providing long-term illumination. Also you need to keep a check on the degree of cleanliness. Bird waste, leaves and other debris could also hinder the proper absorption of sunlight by the solar panel. Not to forget, if you’re living in an area where pollution levels are alarmingly high or near a desert, then it’s evident that the dust would be more than the other locations, demanding a strenuous cleaning of the solar panels on a regular basis. As opposed the dry dusty weather, a stack of snow would also prove to be a hindrance on the solar panel, affecting the absorption of solar energy, so be prepared to take them down until the snowfall recedes. The correct way is to use a dry cloth with soapy water to clear the surface of the panels once a week.


Much like humans, Solar LED Lights also like uninterrupted space and perform to their best in the open. By making sure that they are in a place with the brightest sunlight throughout the day, you can actually improve their longevity and performance. Inadequate open space could mean reduced length of lighting time available at night. So make sure you take necessary measures to adjust the installation distance or even trim the branches of the neighboring plants or trees to ensure sufficient sunlight.


Basis numerous on-site feedbacks, the general notion holds that some clients have not been informed about the specific function & the use of remote control of the outdoor solar lamp. This leaves them with only one option that is of lighting up the lamp and caring a damn about the other important features of the machine. This results in abnormal lighting, excessive battery consumption and a decline in lighting hours.


When thinking of Solar LED Lights and rains together, the picture definitely looks gloomy. Why? Simply because if the weather forecast says it will rain for a longer period of time & exceed the maximum designed lighting time of the product, you can choose to turn off the solar led lights with the switch. This is done to avoid any inefficient charging on rainy days and also extend the life of the solar battery.


While installing a Solar LED light, or any Solar product for that matter, it definitely comes with a guide to help you and assist in the time of any emergency. While faced with a difficult situation, the owners can easily identify whether the problem stems from the solar panel, the LED bulb or the solar battery. This makes troubleshooting easier, hence strengthening the desired length of the lighting time. Many Solar EPC companies make sure that their customers are not left with a bad taste with their after sales services. So don’t forget to reach out to your provider to experience the best solar lights installations for life. The longer the distance between the solar panels and the lamps, you could be faced with unexpected problems like a loss of line, lower charging efficacy or even affecting the lighting time. Another generic problem faced is the aging of the product. As the product that is the Solar LED street light ages, it starts to show its retarding signs. The battery usually discharges with age, so it needs to be replaced when it expires or is out of performance. Simply fix it with a new battery and enjoy longer hours of illumination.

Without requiring any extra electricity, Solar lights are environment friendly. With these simple and useful tips mentioned above to help you to maintain your Solar lights, their lifespan and performance can be greatly enhanced. There’s an array of Solar lights online to help you choose the best fit for your purpose, but ignoring the above parameters might cost you a moolah.

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