5 Ways to Replace Dairy Products in Your Diet

5 Ways to Replace Dairy Products in Your Diet

People are giving up consuming certain food products due to various health problems. One of the categories is dairy products which many individuals find difficult to get rid of due to continuous consumption with the intention of turning vegan.

On the contrary, some others are lactose intolerant, hence, they have no other choice but to give up on them entirely during their lifetime.

Listed below are some ways that you can adhere, to eventually get rid of dairy products while not being lactose tolerant.

1. Try alternative kinds of milk

Milk is the main form of dairy product which is obtained mostly from cows. However, there are other types of milk that are not cow’s milk such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. They are termed plant-based milk and contain all nutrients that are present in cows’ milk.

Therefore, you can try some ways like drinking your coffee with coconut milk and adding almond milk to your cereal instead of using cow’s milk.

2. Stop consuming dairy products by category

Due to the presence of various dairy products made out of cows’ milk, you may have some favourites and give preferences that make it difficult to give up completely. Despite this, you can follow the idea of gradually giving up on dairy products by preventing the consumption of your least favourite dairy product.

This way it can reduce your cravings while assisting you in following a particular goal and eventually going for other alternatives.

3. Be cautious of dairy-free options

When switching to dairy-free products, you need to always search and review the products because not all such options are healthier than dairy products. Rather, they can consist of high calories and it would make it meaningless to switch to dairy-free products.

Hence, when consuming dairy-free ice cream and cheese, make sure to eat them in moderate quantities. You can also consume vegan cream which is much healthier in terms of the dairy-free products you may want to add to your list.

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4. Try plant-based spreads

Spreads are a must during the consumption of sandwiches, and it can be quite challenging for some to not eat them with a spread of chocolate, butter, or cream cheese. Nevertheless, to go vegan or to cut down on eating dairy products, these spreads need to be avoided.

Instead, you can try spreads almond or peanut butter, and also spread some hummus and sliced avocados. This is undoubtedly not only a healthier alternative but also savouring and delicious.

5. Prepare your meals

Another way that you can cut down the intake of dairy products is to cook for yourself so that you can make a list of what you would require for the preparation and ensure to buy dairy-free products. In addition, you can also reduce your suspicion of something that you would get from a restaurant would be dairy-free or not.

Thus, you can try preparing a dish such as pasta with vegetables and minimize the usage of anything that is dairy as much as possible even for any other meal that you may prepare.

These are some useful tips that you can follow if you have the intention of cutting down on intaking products or simply because you are lactose intolerant. More tips can be added to this list based on your research.

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