6 Types of Saddle Bags for Horse Riding

6 Types of Saddle Bags for Horse Riding

Often times what we seen in movies and television shows about horse riding is not the complete picture. Sometimes even an outright lie (thank you, artificial intelligence). If you are a well experienced rider or even just begun riding you would have discovered that riding a horse is a noble feat that requires quite a bit of gear.

These gears can vary from bridles, bits, tendon boots and saddle pads to saddle bags. Saddle bags in particular stand out as it holds everything that the rider may need on their journey and carries weight that the horse has to bear. Therefore, it is vital that a rider purchases good quality saddle bags both for themselves and the horse. I have listed out 6 different types of saddle bags horse riding below:

1.      Pommel Bags

Pommel bags either clip on towards the front or slide over the saddle horns to make it easier for the rider to reach out and grab anything they might want. For instance, a rider can drink some water conveniently and reduce the risk of an imbalance and losing control of the horse.

2.      Cantle Bags

These types of horse bags have been used for centuries by trail riders. Cantle bags generally end up at the back of the saddle and are big enough to include a first-aid kit. Ensure to pack lighter despite the space you have in these bags, heavier bags put extra weight on a horse’s kidneys.

3.      Insulated Bags

If you are heading off on a long trail, this is the ideal bag for you. Insulated bags are used to keep food either hot or cold. These saddle bags are padded with insulation and have many compartments, including places to hold water. In addition, insulated bags are generally fitted towards the back of the horse saddle strings.

4.      Paired Saddle bags

Traditional paired saddle bags are quite similar to pommel bags. What sets them apart from pommel bags is the fact that these types of bags are typically attached at the back of the saddle. If you want to store a bit of food or a hoof pick, this is best bag for you. Emergency Situations That Require Immediate Plumbing Services

5.      Small Saddle bags

Single & small saddle bags are attached towards the right side of the saddle. Even though these bags are also similar to pommel bags, it is only a single bag. Riders can use these bags for shorter trails. On the other hand, it can be used to keep your mobile phone and an extra bottle of water if you decide to ride a longer distance.

6.      In-Pad Pouches

These bags are the lightest of all the bags, but the storage space is highly limited. The pouches are specially created for the saddle pad. In order for the rider to rapidly mount toward the back or on the side, these pouches have hook-and-loop fasteners. Additionally, due to the lack of capacity in this type of bag, only a limited number of items can be kept in it. For example, this bag is suitable for packing light snacks and extra utensils or tools needed for the trail.

Get the best bag for you and your horse, and then enjoy the journey ahead!


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