6 ways to prevent mouse invasion of your homes

6 ways to prevent mouse invasion of your homes

Mice do things that human cannot easily do, occupying other homes forcibly. Mice invade homes when they need shelter, food and protection from enemies. You cannot do this because it is illegal and mice are not governed by any rules and they can do whatever they want to do. it is up to you to stop them from entering your home and here we provide a some tips that will help do that. In the meanwhile you can call professional mice exterminators such as BBPP the best mice control Thornhill, if your house is already under occupation by rodents.

6 ways you can prevent mice entry

  1. Inspect your home premises regularly

Keep checking your spaces regularly for mice entry. Pay attention to exterior especially and seal any gap or hole you find in the walls, foundation, crawl spaces, windows, doors, roof etc. By plugging those entries you deny mice access to your indoors.

  1. Seal holes with mice proof material

Mouse can squeeze its body into a hole which is hardly the size of a dime, hence it is important that you seal the tiniest of the holes or crevices with mouse teeth proof material such as steel wool, caulk, cement, plaster etc.

  1. Clear clutter from house and outside

Clutter like pile of wood or boxes make cozy hiding places for mice. Remove junk, debris, old boxes, furniture stuff, paper, and other unused and uncared things from your home. Clear your garden off fruits that have fallen from trees and also pick up rotten logs off the grass. Prune trees and cut off branches reaching on to your structure. Do not store logs haphazardly and keep them 2 feet above ground.

  1. Cover decks and porches with netting

If you have porches and decks that give easy access to mice, you may cover them with fine steel wire mesh. Install them on the bottom structure so mice don’t easily get into your underground spaces and make it in to your home through floorboards, drain, piping etc. Mice cannot cut through steel wire mesh. Amazing Benefits of Having Pest Control Services in Your Home

  1. Prevent food to mice

Keeping food in the open, outdoors, kitchen counters and other places is clear attraction for mice to come. Mice have keen sense of smell and they will zero on it and make it a habit of visiting the above places for food. By removing food, storing them or dumping them in covered trash bins you could avoid this. Make it a practice to clean all these surfaces with detergent and wet cloth. On the whole erase the smell of food and mice won’t come.

  1. Keep the house clean

Removing clutter from rooms and sweeping and mopping floors and other surfaces with disinfectant mixed water you can keep your home uninviting for mice, they like filth and clutter. Regularly vacuum rooms and remove food crumbs from floor, counters and other surfaces. Do the same outdoors and remove all trace of pet food, bird seeds and rotten fruits fallen from trees. Remove thickets, brushes and foliage and do not grow vegetation close to the foundation.

Call professionals if it does not work

You can achieve quite sufficiently with the above exercises but if the infestation is well entrenches you will need professional help like BBPP, the most efficient pest control Thornhill in the town and for nearby areas. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.


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