7- Tulsi panchratna – A Cure To Ill-Health

7- Tulsi panchratna – A Cure To Ill-Health

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy with minimum effort. Chemical compounds and medicines can be the reason for making the immune system weak and not providing effective results. Ayurveda with all its natural ingredients is considered the most effective and best method for improving the immune system with lots of other benefits too.

So, why should we take care of our immunity?

The answer is simple, our body functions well if our immune system is functioning at its best. Protecting it from harmful components such as antigens is a necessity.

What are antigens?

These are referred to as harmful components that are the reason behind illnesses and disease in a person’s body. These germs are answerable for making the blood tainted, bringing about the breaking down of body parts. Antigens affect the immune, making it weak and prone to chronic diseases. This is the reason why one should consume Ayurvedic immunity boosters to ensure a happy and healthy work-life balance and work on producing more antibodies. For example – bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are proteins delivered by the human cell in the immune framework because in response to antigen in any structure. It manages harmful components and microorganisms in the body and attempts to dispose of them, resulting in no diseases and healthy digestion. These antigens might be a result of food poisoning or a poor diet. It is important to ensure a healthy balanced meal along with Ayurvedic immunity boosters for having strong antibodies.


Tulsi, a herb found in India, is considered the best among all. In ancient times, people used to worship Tulsi, and the practice is still continued in some households in modern-day India. Tulsi is considered extremely incredible and provides a never-ending list of benefits. Indians have been utilizing these benefits for a very long time. The herbs are considered as the powerhouse for nutrients that are richer in antioxidants, resulting in a reduction among diseases. The most valued and holistic form of medicine, the plan can be seen in every household, from its leaves to its fragrance. Every part of the Tulsi plant is rich in some benefit or the other. The “Queen of herbs” or the “Mother of medicine of nature” is an indispensable part of everyone’s healthy living.



The foremost advantage of TULSI PANCHRATNA is that it is the most effective form of natural herb for boosting the immunity of an individual. Rich in Vitamin C and zinc, it has properties of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants beneficial in purifying the blood. Providing a protective layer from infections, its antifungal and antibacterial properties are beneficial in fighting germs.


Tulsi aims at boosting cardiovascular health and is much successful in dealing with issues such as hypertension and high cholesterol in the body. The herb is very effective for people suffering from such issues and it also reduces the risk of heart attacks, which is great for someone dealing with cholesterol issues.


Our generation goes through a lot of work pressure, making them stressed and anxious. Why not use this cheap and easy way to deal with those unhealthy days? The herb fights against stress, making you feel calm. Use 3-4 tulsi leaves in your morning tea and you will be amazed to see the results. Compounds like Ocimum Sides are effective in reducing stress and providing a balance in serotonin and dopamine hormones in the brain cells. The fragrance of these herbs only can provide you deep satisfaction and peace.


Panch Tulsi is effective in fighting infections causing bacteria making you stronger day by day. Treating conditions such as asthma, migraine, common allergies, skin rashes, flu, the herb is beneficial in all. A plant having immersive anti-fungal properties which strengthen your immune and are less prone to common allergies due to weather conditions. It also treats mouth infections.

The plant comprises significant herbs battling numerous infections and medical problems. Regardless of whether an individual is experiencing sickness or dry cough, the antibodies created by the herb battle all types of antigens. Indeed, the tulsi plant is awesome for keeping up immunity as well as battling other normal illnesses that are difficult to cure.


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