8 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

8 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

With an entire pandemic hitting the events industry badly, it is no surprise that many events have been canceled or postponed. Going through the current situation, people have realized that virtual events are our present and future.

Hosting a virtual event can be a daunting task but with proper planning, you can achieve what you desire.

To host a successful virtual event read this article and determine the 8 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning-

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is organized online that enables the audience to connect with others in a virtual space from anywhere. The advancement of technology gives the ability to event organizers to cut down their costs, boosts up the reach, and empowers their brand awareness globally.

How to host a successful virtual event in 8 easy steps

Step 1: Set a quantified goal for your event

Write down your clear objective and work with dedication to reach your goals. Do not choose to host the virtual event just because it is low-cost and booming in the market unless you do not know how to obtain benefits from it.

The goal of an event varies with different types of events. For a virtual property show, your quantified goal would be the number of leads. For a virtual career fair, it would be to obtain the candidates with sharp skills. For a virtual conference, it would be creating brand awareness. For a college fest, it would be the virtual interaction among the number of students with fun.

Along with setting a goal, define your target audience. Move on and promote in the direction where you can reach your target audience. Share your goals with your team to secure support from them.

Step 2: Choose the perfect virtual event platform equipped with advanced features

Selecting the perfect virtual event platform is one of the essential parts of virtual event planning. All you need is a platform that offers advanced and engaging tools to drive sustainable growth. After all, the platform you choose would be taking the responsibility of hosting an event.

Introduce various features like live chat, live polls, Q & A sessions, gamification, adding leaderboards, and networking through audio/video calls for better engagement.

To learn more, get in touch with Dreamcast.

Step 3: Get incredible Speakers to your virtual event

The role of the incredible speaker is not just to speak but also to perform different tasks. He can engage the audience, excite a crowd, have a different perspective with logic, share some insider knowledge and personal experiences. The enthusiastic speaker can entertain the audience by breaking up the boredom in the event.

Step 4: Set a Date for your virtual event smartly

Setting a date for a virtual event is as important as choosing a location for in-person events. Choose the date and time smartly to draw more and more attendees to your event. Avoid some of the dates- around vacation and weekends.

Plan a small event from 1 to 3 days rather than a longer one from 10-15 days. The momentum and excitement stay in shorter events while the latter drains you with more expenditure. A small event is impactful when you choose the perfect date and time.

Step 5: Promote a virtual event like CRAZY!

Now the date, speakers, and virtual event platform is finalized, all you need is to promote your event like CRAZY to reach the target audience. Get more and more participants to register for your event. Make effective strategies to market your event on social media and email subscribers. Create a colorful and designer page that displays the info of your upcoming event. Use catchy hashtags everywhere. For promotion, your goal should be to spread words as much as possible to reach the audience globally.

Email Marketing is an old but impactful strategy for promotion. Nail out the email content such that as soon as the subscriber views the email, he gets ready to register for the event.

Some of the luring things you can do-

  • offer early-bird discounts who purchase tickets immediately
  • use phrases like-“Grab your Seat before it is gone”
  • Registrations will be on a first come- first serve basis
  • Seats are filling up fast! Secure your seat now!

Some of the above phrases will encourage the user to get enrolled in the event.

Step 6: Send a Reminder before the event

You had a successful promotion and received plenty of registrations for your event. Now before the event, it is time to send them a reminder. So, the attendees reserve the time slot for that event and keep themselves free for that duration to attend the event.

Step 7: Dry Run before the event

Before the event, perform the dry run and allow the speakers to rehearse and check if sound quality and cameras are working fine. Check the systems compatibility and internet connectivity as the entire virtual event depends on the internet.  Sometimes there might be bugs in signing up or any other technical issue. Perform at least two dry runs before the event to ensure everything is perfect.

Ask different users to watch and judge the event features and make any adjustments required. Get their feedback on it to make any necessary minor changes if needed.

Step 8: Data Analytics and Reporting

The virtual event service providers offer in-built data analytics to the event organizers to gather data and gain insights. The data analytics empowers the event organizers to understand the attendees’ behavior and engagement throughout the event. It helps to improve user engagement and create more personalized content for them. Using this data analytics brilliantly makes the difference in making an event successful or failure.

Final Verdict

The above 8 steps are the key to a successful virtual event. Facilitate them to get the most of it and achieve your goals set.

Get in touch with Dreamcast and its team to work with you to follow these 8 steps and host your event as you thought it to be.


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