8 Tips to Fix Windows Problem Without Spending Money

8 Tips to Fix Windows Problem Without Spending Money

Windows is the most used operating system on desktops. Among the PC users, more than 75% use Windows PC and the rest market is captured by Apple’s macOS. Being the most used OS doesn’t make an error-free OS. It has been observed that users face many problems which can interrupt the working. Some of the problems include update issues, driver errors, connectivity issues, and many others. However, irrespective of the issues you can simply follow a set of steps to resolve them.

Now if you are wondering how? Then worry not as we have got you covered in this article. Below we have shared 8 tips that you can use to fix Windows problems easily.

Top Tips to Fix Windows Problems

Here are the tips that you can use for fixing Windows problems easily.

1. Updating Issue on Windows

Upgrading is one of the most important parts for Windows users as the new version brings a lot of new features that can make working easier, but due to some internal issues, you might notice that upgrading isn’t possible. There can be many possible reasons why you are facing this issue. But worry not, we have listed some of the solutions that you can try to fix this issue. Check the list below and perform as stated for ease.

  • Open the Control Panel and check for the latest Windows update. If there isn’t any available then you have the updated version but if it shows a new update, then perform the instruction as stated on the screen for downloading. If the issue remains after downloading, try Windows troubleshooting.
  • Try using the Media Creation Tool on the PC you wish to update. The tool has improved a lot and can help you in the upgrading process.
  • Turn on the Disable Execution Prevention (DEP) on the BIOS. if the problem is still not solved. Search for performance and then click on the Data Execution Prevention tab and turn DEP on for programs.

Once you have changed the settings, reboot the PC and then check how it goes.

2. Update Drivers

Drivers are a very crucial part of establishing a connection between two devices. It is always advised to keep drivers of your PC updated as outdated drivers can raise issues while you try to connect any device. For example, when you try to connect a wireless mouse if your PC gets an error stating the wireless mouse is not responding. It could possibly happen because of the driver. Similar to a mouse every device has a different set of drivers which makes it easy for the PC to adapt and connect. Now you can either update them one by one, update them using the old and conventional manual method or you can update all drivers on your PC with just a click using the automatic method.

Both the methods are great when it comes to updating drivers. The only issue with the manual method is that you need to invest time in downloading and installing the drivers that too one by one. So if you prefer to use the manual method, make up your mind that it can take time upto hours for updating all the drivers.

We would personally recommend you to use the automatic update driver software as it requires only two clicks for updating all the drivers. Out of the many options available in the market, we have tested Bit Driver Updater and we were really impressed with its working. The software has a very easy to adapt interface along with that it offers fast and accurate results which makes it an overall package. As compared to the manual method, automatic is very convenient and accurate. Every user including novice or professional can use the software.

3. Storage Issue After Updating Windows

After you have updated to Windows 10 or any other Windows, you might notice that the storage space has been reduced. This is a very common Windows problem which most users face. However, there is nothing to worry about as it can simply be rectified.

The reason why your space is occupied is that your PC consists of the system files of the previous version of Windows. So if you didn’t like the new version and you wish to go back to the previous one you can simply switch. But if you wish to stay updated and use the latest version available then there is no use of old system files. In that case, you can simply delete them and make free space on your hard disk. If you don’t know how then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Press the Windows key and search for cleanup
  • You will notice a ‘Disk Cleanup’ app on the list, click on it
  • Now from the newly appeared window checkmark the drive which consists of the new OS files. (By default the files are stored in C drive)
  • Click ‘Ok’ once the selection is done
  • After selection you will get two options on the screen, you can either delete the files right away or can click on ‘Clean up system files’. The cleanup option will be on the bottom left side of the window. After some moments a new window will appear having an option to delete previous Windows installation
  • Now click the size option and then hit ‘OK’
  • Lastly, you need to confirm your actions and you are done

Once you have removed the files the space will free up and you can witness a boost in the performance and improved space.

4. Filter Notifications

With the new Windows 10 action center, it gets very convenient to address new notifications. Users can easily address all the notifications at once. Microsoft added this feature with the aim to make it handy for the users but it has turned out to be clogged with numerous notifications. You need to filter out which notification is important and which is not as there are many notifications including miscellaneous ones which can keep on adding to the list.

You can simply filter out the notifications based on apps and importance. You can simply navigate to ‘Settings’, then the ‘Notifications and Actions’ tab. Here you can simply customize notifications as per needs.

5. Adjust Privacy and Data Settings

The default settings on Windows might not be good for your privacy and data which is why you need to change them. Recently the data leak issue spread like fire but still, there are companies that aren’t taking action. You need to be smart enough to check the settings from time to time if your data has been used or not.

You can simply navigate to the privacy option in the settings app and then adjust the settings for better privacy of your data.

6. Slow Boot Times

Windows 10 uses the hybrid boot to reduce boot time but only in theories. In reality, the process can make the boot slow and affect the performance. However, you have the freedom to adjust the default settings as per requirements. Below are some of the adjustments that can help you in speeding up the boot time.

  • Press ‘Windows’ key to open the ‘Start menu’, then search for ‘Power Options’
  • Now click on what the power buttons do and then change settings that are unavailable
  • Next un-tick the ‘Turn on fast start-up’ option
  • Once done changing, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button

After changing the settings, you can notice a faster boot time and better performance of the PC as there will be fewer resources usage after the change.

7. Change Default Apps

For every file, you can set up a default app that will automatically launch it. Windows offers its own inbuilt applications which can be used other than the third-party applications. However, sometimes the default applications of Windows don’t offer the required performance which is why people tend to use the third-party application over the default ones. 5 Brilliant Strategies to Earn Money on the Internet

When using the third-party application you need to manually choose the action which is one of the biggest Windows problems faced. Though this can easily be fixed by changing some settings. You can simply navigate to the default apps in the settings option and then change as per needs. There will be a separate section for every genre of app, you can easily tap on it and choose from the installed applications.

8. Use Third-Party Apps

Now that you know how to change default apps, you can use third-party applications easily. It has been one of the major Windows problems for users to use Windows applications that offer limited options. In place of that, you can choose to use any other application which offers better features and easy to adapt user interface.

Before you choose any third-party application, do check the user reviews and the offerings as there are many applications that can be a waste of time and money. So choose wisely.


The above-mentioned tips are based on user queries. We have got many queries from the users about Windows problems. Now with this article, you can easily solve all the problems and have a great experience while working.


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