Cybersecurity has gained traction from worldwide sectors of operations that are virtually connected to their business. This is an important pedestal where it calls for the specialized workforce to counter and guard against any unprecedented cyberattacks. Cybersecurity specialists are appointed to guard against infiltration from malicious threat actors. They are trained in specialized cybersecurity skillsets to counter any data theft.

As is evident that with the right skills and competence in cybersecurity; a cybersecurity specialist is equipped to build systems and strategies customized for business security. There is a cybersecurity skills gap that grounds itself on different elements- Organizational, Skilled labor, and individual skills gap. USCSI® quotes Gartner which has predicted that scarcity of cybersecurity talent will be responsible for over 50% of critical cybersecurity incidents. This is an alarming figure to delve into!

Causes of Talent Shortage could be listed below as:

  • More demand over supply
  • The Fortune 500 effect
  • Diversity Impact
  • Lack of attention and power thrust on cybersecurity
  • Large-scale rapid digitization
  • Legacy system continue

To overcome the above-listed talent shortage reasons; one of the major reasons that is highlighted is the dearth of cybersecurity specialist talent. This can be countered by offering major skill enhancement programs and cybersecurity certifications to enroll with. Let us understand what it takes to become one and what salary expectations can be leveled up ahead.

Why Cybersecurity is important?

  • Escalating cybercrime costs
  • Increased cyberattacks
  • Ransomware surge
  • Phishing threats
  • Industry-specific vulnerabilities

Who is a Cybersecurity Specialist?

Cybersecurity specialists develop, plan, recommend, implement, improve, and monitor security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks, and connected devices. They help in guarding businesses from unauthorized access, infiltration, or disclosure of vulnerable details, and information by threat actors. Their daily routine involves:

  • Safeguarding information system assets
  • Protecting systems by defining access privileges, control structures, and resources
  • Implementing security improvements
  • Detect insecure features and malicious activities within networks and infrastructure
  • Risk mitigation and ensure business information security
  • Implementing and maintaining security controls
  • Keep users informed with performance reports

How to become a Cybersecurity Specialist?

  1. Complete a diploma or degree program in STEM or equivalent
  2. Develop relevant cybersecurity skills
  3. Build a domain specialization
  4. Consider a volunteer role or internship
  5. Gain cybersecurity specialist certifications
  6. Obtain relevant work experience
  7. Network with industry professionals

How can you earn the highest salaries as a cybersecurity specialist?

Becoming a high-earning cybersecurity specialist calls for an informed decision about your career choice. Taking the best certifications in cybersecurity in the most popular domains can fetch you the best roles and salaries from industry giants. Becoming an ethical hacker or a certified cybersecurity specialist can open doors to massive career advancements with a high salary package. Gaining the most-trusted certified senior cybersecurity specialist role demands quality addition to your skills with top-rated credentials offered by USCSI®, CEH, and other global credentialing bodies. They offer graded certifications that resonate with every aspirant’s career needs. Being online credentials, these are gaining traction from around the world as you can empower yourself with the most credible cybersecurity specialist skills from the comfort of your home. You shall earn a lifetime digital badge on successfully gaining these certifications; which are globally valued by industry giants.

Which countries offer the highest salaries to cybersecurity specialists?

The most rewarding countries to earn a whopper in a cybersecurity specialist role are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, and Denmark. Talking of the best geographies in the USA shall include California, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Florida as the top-paying states.

The top 5 countries with the highest average salaries offered are (Linkedin):

  1. Switzerland– USD 151,305
  2. Luxembourg– USD 131,414
  3. United Kingdom– USD 127,502
  4. Denmark– USD 125,839
  5. USA– USD 118,812

This would be an entirely different landscape when understood from the experience-level point of view. Let us explore.

  • Entry-level cybersecurity specialist– 0-3 years
  • Intermediate-level cybersecurity specialist– 5-10 years
  • Senior-level cybersecurity specialist– 10-15 years and above

4 Factors influencing a higher salary for a cybersecurity specialist role:

  1. EDUCATION– Whether you are a bachelor’s or master’s degree holder will determine your remuneration
  2. EXPERIENCE– Depending on the level of role applied for; zero to a few years of experience will guide you to a higher salary
  3. CERTIFICATION– Gaining the right and most trusted cybersecurity certifications will offer a massive boost in a short time
  4. LOCATION– Residing in a popular geographical location with astounding opportunities shall offer a massive career boost

With the above-stated factors, the cost of living, tech industry concentration, and local job market demands are critical factors that may impact your employability and remuneration expansion chances.

How getting certified with the best can help you earn the highest salary as a cyber specialist?

Learning the most appropriate cybersecurity credential with the highly trusted certification providers, the United States Cybersecurity Institution (USCSI®) is the world’s leading certified senior cybersecurity certification provider with a top-class career boost. They are committed to closing the cybersecurity talent gap by 2025. They are popular worldwide across 160 international locations; for yielding the most essential career enhancement with a salary hike of about 40% for the deserving and aptly certified cyber specialists. Make the most of this opportunity and earn the highest salary possible!


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