A Guide to a healthier Mind

A Guide to a healthier Mind

No matter what industry you work in, or what position you are in, mental health is something to be taken care of. From the age of ten to fifty, it’s always beneficial to take time for yourself and look after your soul and spirit. It’s proven that people with stronger willpower and ambitions tend to be more successful than the ones with poor mental health. The topic is finally being highlighted today with a focus on mental disorders and the importance of therapies.

Staying fit both physically and mentally is a must if one wants to stay lively and proceed more in their lifestyle. Here are some ways that can help one stay healthier mentally and practice mindfulness.


  1. Your brain is the most compelling part of yourself – For enhancing and understanding your knowledge, eliminate the use of calculators and start to do arithmetic calculations on your own. Putting your problem-solving ability into action is a great way to make your brain work more.
  2. CROSSWORDS – If you are not fond of reading the newspaper every day, crosswords games can be fun and amazing for you. These questions get logically difficult each day, building your reasoning skills. A great substitute for newspaper crosswords is online puzzles which are free and easily available.
  3. STAYING ALERT – News, magazines, editorials, and opinions are the most impressive way of staying alert. Building your IQ, you will feel more confident and updated about your interest in politics, world news, local news, etc. This stimulates your mind into critical thinking about your society and makes you generally aware.
  4. VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT ALWAYS BAD – Who said video games are always a waste of time? Some of them can help fight Alzheimer’s and depression. Getting your mind distracted and playing games which are fun are beneficial for curing anxiety.
  5. HOBBIES – One should never skip upon their interests no matter what profession they pursue. Start a new one or work on an old one. Get your creative juice flowing with some music, dance, or doodling and learning a new instrument.


The food you put in your body really affects your overall performance to a great extent. The relationship between your diet and how your brain performs is a strong one. Here are some healthy tips for ensuring proficient brain health.

FRUITS AND VEGGIES – You must be neglecting your mum, scolding you to eat veggies. She is right! Sufficient servings of whole grains are excellent for preventing chronic disease.

ANTIOXIDANTS – Consuming antioxidants rich food helps to improve focus and memory build-up. Rich supplements possess a lot of antioxidant properties and help in building concentration and problem-solving ability.

OLIVE OILS – This wonder remedy has appeared to separate clumps in capillaries and by and large assistance with blood flow. Think about supplanting your other vegetable oil with a decent quality olive oil.

FISH AND MEAT – Eating fish a few times a week is healthy for your mind. Always avoid mercury-heavy fish such as swordfish and consume a safer side such as salmon.

AVOCADOS – Rich in good fat (mono-saturated), avocados aim to increase blood flow, loaded with fiber and potassium avocados are the perfect meal to start your day.


While protecting a healthy diet and body, emotions and thoughts should never be neglected.

Always stay connected with your thoughts. Work upon your feelings and never try to control them. Sadness, anger, frustration are normal and need to be open and honest. Never allow pushing your emotions down and always try to communicate about them with a closed one of yours. 8 Habits You Need to Lock Down for a Strong, Healthy Mind and Body

Meditations, long baths, reading, breathing, and yoga are all you need for mindfulness and calm. No other substitute can beat the power of these mindful practices. Possessing the majority of health benefits, they are easy and work on depression and stress.


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