A Guide to Choose a Cleaning Company for the First Time

A Guide to Choose a Cleaning Company for the First Time

Hiring a cleaning company will require you to pursue thorough background checks, and the quality of their service. Observing the present pandemic scenario, it is the ideal decision to assign the cleaning activities to the professional agencies. Companies providing commercial cleaning & Domestic cleaning in London and other locations in the country offer antiviral cleaning as well.

You may undertake a detailed analysis of the companies, prior to fixing a cleaning agency for your residential, commercial or industrial enterprise.

  1. Enquire Your Friends, Colleagues, and Acquaintances

It may turn into a herculean task to evaluate each company in the locality, with so many companies offering similar services. Enquiring your friends, colleagues and acquaintances may be a useful tool here. Those who have been associated with cleaning companies would be able to educate you on the pros and cons of the specific firms.

  1. Google the Cleaning Companies and Shortlist

Google the cleaning companies in the region and prepare a shortlist based on the services offered, the experience and packages. It would be easier to finalize one from the handpicked ones, rather than going through several agencies. You can list out the criteria and compare the specialities offered by the companies with that. Choose those which meet the maximum of the criteria stipulated by you.

  1. Online Reviews and Ratings

Never believe all the reviews blindly! Not all the reviews and ratings you see online are real. There might be 5-star ratings and extremely positive reviews, along with 1-star ratings and destructive comments. The former might be from the PR agency of the cleaning company and the latter from a disgusted client, not entirely due to the cleaning company, who might be venting his or her anger due to any other reasons.

  1. The Professionals in the Company

How experienced are the cleaners? Whether the agency had undertaken proper DBS checks before hiring the employees or not? Does the agency offer comprehensive support? Prepare such a questionnaire. Try to ascertain the answers from their website itself. For the questions, which are not answered in the website, you can obtain clarification during the discussion with them.

  1. Insurance for the Cleaners

Cleaning of windows and walls of high-rise buildings has risks involved. Even if the cleaners use a safety harness, anything can go out of hand at any time. An accident can cause unwanted chaos. As the one employed them, you might be held responsible to pay the insurance. It is better to avoid hiring a cleaning agency without insurance. The cleaners and all the members, who would be deputed for work, should be insured.

Etiquettes While Assigning the Cleaning Task

You may have several doubts when assigning the cleaning task to cleaning agencies. The individuals, who hire cleaners for residences, normally have such confusion. The etiquettes we discuss here may be followed as convenient to you.

  1. Tip to the Cleaner

Predominantly it is your decision to give a tip to the cleaner or not. Reputed cleaning agencies discourage tips from the cleaners. It is not all necessary if you have hired a cleaner for the office space. Different persons will be coming for cleaning on different days. Giving tips to the specific cleaner coming for cleaning residences may be okay. Since it helps you create a rapport with him or her. Nonetheless, it is completely your decision to tip or not.

  1. Cleaning the Space Before the First Cleaning Assignment

It may be an advisable thing to hand over a clean space to the cleaning agency. We are not recommending thorough cleaning of the area. However, a totally disrupted area may be just arranged and some minor cleaning is done before assigning the cleaners with the task. The pre-cleaning may be required only once, the first time.

  1. Remaining in Home/ Office During the Cleaning

The main idea is to provide the space totally to the cleaner so that s/he can comply with the procedure properly. Your presence might turn into trouble for them. It is preferable to give the area completely to them during the cleaning. You may discontinue the office work for a specific time duration.

Thorough cleaning activity may be posted for holidays in the case of office cleaning services.  Keep the pets away from the cleaning area. It may happen that they may dirty the area during the cleaning itself.

What are your observations about hiring cleaning services?

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