All You Need To Know about Truecaller Verified Badge, Features & Benefits

All You Need To Know about Truecaller Verified Badge, Features & Benefits

A Truecaller Verified Badge is a caller ID that enables businesses to declare that they are verified callers/ businesses. It allows the receivers/ customers to know the brand name, verified badge, industry badge, and logo. When the customers receive the Truecaller Verified call, they are assured that the caller is genuine and are more likely to receive the call. It helps businesses to distinguish themselves from fraudulent companies/ callers and provide customers with an improved experience.

Distinguish your company from fraudulent companies and connect with your audience like never before. Begin with earning their trust even before you do business with them.

Let’s discuss the top features of the Truecaller verified badge :

Works Seamlessly on all call Dialer Types: The technology seamlessly works across all dialer types across Android and iOS dialer types that display the caller IDs to the receivers. So, it helps businesses cover a large segment of mobile phone users using both OS.

Security: The Truecaller Verified solution instantly displays the verified badge, and the receiver learns about the company’s identity. It evokes trust in them, and with the identity revealed, the receivers communicate with more confidence. The business gets more opportunities to convert the leads/ prospective clients into customers.

Display call reasons: It is noteworthy that the call pick-up ratio is likely to be higher if the call reason is manifested in the displayed call ID of the receiver. It improves customer confidence, and they are sure about the conversation that is likely to happen. They become aware of the reason for the call, and if they are interested in the product/ service, they can effectively engage in the conversation from the word go. Businesses too can aim at a higher lead conversion and get better sales. This technology goes a long way in increasing customer engagement and retention rate and drives more revenue.

There are several benefits of the Truecaller Verified Badge, which businesses should get to earn customer’s trust.

Build Brand Trust & Identity: When Truecaller Verified calls are made, the customers instantly know the company details such as its name, logo, verified badge, and industry tags. With all the relevant information displayed on the screen, the callers are likely to receive the calls, and the business can communicate with them. They get more opportunities to get a higher lead conversion. The call pick rates are likely to increase as the callers know that the business is verified.

Secure Communication: Not only is the communication secured using the Truecaller Verified solution, but a business can also call the customers more efficiently. Even before the call is received, the customers get the information about the company – the brand identity details in their caller ID, and the reason for the calls is known to the receiver.

Data Insights: The Truecaller Verified call offers in-depth, actionable insights into the calls. A business gets detailed information on the calling patterns and the pick-up ratio. It also analyses user behaviour that helps companies make an informed decision regarding making repeat calls. It allows businesses to provide better customer experiences and increase their revenue.


The Truecaller Verified Badge helps businesses to establish credibility. Trust is an absolute necessity to do business successfully, and this technology helps businesses achieve the same. In today’s world, where digital/ online fraudulent activities are rising, the Truecaller Verified Badge helps genuine companies distinguish themselves from fake and fraudulent companies. People have become vigilant and refrain from picking up calls from unverified sources. So, real businesses get the desired opportunity to connect with their target audience and increase their sales. The technology proves helpful in establishing brand credibility and letting the prospective client know about the business identity and even the reason for the call. It helps to provide improved customers’ experience and better lead conversions for the business. 

The Final Word:

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