Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe For Health?

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe For Health?

This has been a rather frequent question – Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe For Health? And of course, when it comes to choosing the best mattress and taking care of your sleep, every question is important.

The best memory foam mattress  has recently gained popularity. And the main reason for this is the comfort it offers for all types of sleepers. Another reason for the rising demand of memory foam mattress is, it has proven to be the best mattress for those suffering from chronic back pain. It also easily adapts to your body shape and size, remembers your body curves and pressure and readjusts accordingly, hence the name memory foam. It is also virtually silent and its responsive structure means it isolates movement much better than traditional box spring or innerspring mattresses.

Despite all these advantages and popularity, the materials used in the memory foam mattress may still raise some eyebrows about its safety.

Let us dig in a little deeper and know everything about the best memory foam mattress online

Materials Used In A Memory Foam Mattress

The two main materials used in any type of memory foam mattress are:

  1. Polyurethane memory foam layer
  2. And a polyurethane foam core layer.

These two layers are then covered with some fabric and flame proofed to meet the safety laws. Other than these two main components, some companies also use gel foam, latex or polyester foam, wool or cotton padding, etc. Most people are familiar with these types of materials. The components of general interest are the memory foam itself and the flame retardant chemicals that raise the question of safety for health.

The concept of memory foam mattress was first introduced by NASA in the 70’s. If it was by NASA, it automatically rules out the option of being risky for health for most of the customers. However, some are still not confident about the toxic materials used, specially to make it flame proof. If this could ease your worries a little, we would pinpoint that several companies have now switched to using organic materials, keeping in mind the safety factor.

Memory foam is also known as “Viscoelastic foam”; This word contradicts the basic properties of memory foam. It acquires viscous and elastic qualities when it comes in contact with heat and/or weight. This makes it excellent for relieving pressure on sensitive parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, hips, and spine.

Though there remains some slight concern about the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and off gassing. Unlike conventional manufactured textiles, VOCs can turn into a gaseous form through a physical process called off gassing. From there, allergic reactions and inhalation can occur, which can lead to a build-up of toxic substances.

Volatile organic compounds are considered dangerous because they are very unstable. This class of substances is unique in that it can turn into gas at room temperature, which is given off as odors, mites and gases. This conversion process may explain why some buyers notice a “new mattress smell” in the first few weeks after purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

You know the basics about the materials used and what could actually be harmful for you. However, there are a few other things that you should keep in mind while buying the best online mattress.

The major concern is the VOCs. And unfortunately, the memory foam mattress cannot be made without the VOCs. However, the good news is, the memory foam mattress can contain “Low-VOC” or “Toxic free VOC”. So you need to look for the brands that ensure low or toxic free VOC in their memory foam mattress.

A quick warning, if you come across any brand that promises, “NO VOC”, be aware, it is fake and us misguiding into buying their product. Because, looking at the production procedure of memory foam mattress, it is not practically possible to make a memory foam mattress without VOC materials. Which is the best site to shop for newborn baby boy clothes

However, the good news is, according to a research conducted, only 2% of the memory foam mattress buyers have complained about any problems due to the materials used. Rest of the customers who have been using memory foam mattresses for the last 25 years have not reported any incident. Also, the odour seems to subside gradually with time.

Although, you could still consider keeping a few things in mind while buying the memory foam mattress.

  1. Ask the manufacturer, if the foam used is plant based or synthetically made from petroleum. Always go for the plant based foam as it releases less VOC.
  2. Find out if the foam was made from MDI or TDI. Choosing the MDI is a safer option.
  3. Enquire about the blowing agents used for flame proofing. If it is treated with Rayon silica, it is the safest option.
  4. Check for the testing certificates and whether the mattress complies with all the safety protocols issued by the federal government.

Having said that all, we would simply recommend you to buy the best memory foam mattress   from the most reliable and trusted brand, that is – UrbanBed. These mattresses are made from quality spine support layers that guarantee a good night’s sleep and promote good health in our daily lives. We have designed the best mattress for back pain and for all kinds of sleepers. Also, another thing you can cosider while buying the best memory foam mattress is – buying memory foam mattress top. Mattress tops not only protects the mattress from dirt and mites, but also extends the life of the mattress.

Memory foam mattress top is one of the best way to protect your mattress from stains, dirt, mites, bacterias, dust, etc. It also prevents the mattress from getting wet and at the same time retains proper air circulation. Some other features of memory foam mattress top includes, easily washable, ultra fresh treated polycotton, it is anti-microbial and fits perfectly with slipping the ends.

Other important features that make the UrbanBed Zen Memory Foam Mattress the best are:

  • It provides cushioning effect for enhanced comfort with multiple adaptive foam layers.
  • Maintains regular air flow.
  • Controls movement noise, ensuring that your partner is nit disturbed when you toss and turn.
  • Provides ultimate comfort with body hugging memory foam.
  • Controls and keeps in check the body heat.
  • Offers a free trial period of 120 days
  • Provides 15 years warranty
  • Available in multiple sizes and ensure home delivery.


These should be enough reasons for you to believe that UrbanBed manufacturers and delivers nothing but only the best. So what are you waiting for, Buy Mattress Online  and do not forget to share your reviews.

Happy and Safe Shopping….!!


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