Are you aspiring to visit Qatar? Here are a few notions you should acknowledge

Are you aspiring to visit Qatar? Here are a few notions you should acknowledge

Qatar is loaded without show: an exceptional beach holiday on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, well-trained staff in hotels, modest and high-quality shopping. Entertainment – safari, diving and camel racing, excursions to Bedouins and sheikhs (p.s: prices may be subject to change depending on the season you’re travelling in).

Qatar is like the United Arab Emirates, only without pathos: the gorgeous beaches of the Persian Gulf, futuristic skyscrapers, impressive dive sites, luxury hotels – without any arrogance or unnecessary bragging. Also, by the way, there is something to boast about: oil and natural gas have made the Middle Eastern state the most abundant on the entire planetoid. GDP per capita is twice as high as in Great Britain, and prices are miracles and only an order of magnitude lower than in Dubai.

Residents are incredibly hospitable, respect ancient Islamic traditions, but they also respect someone else’s way of life. Doha does not claim to be a record holder but surprises guests with eclectic architecture and colorful entertainment such as camel racing and falconry. And in 2022, Qatar will host the 22nd FIFA World Cup – an excellent reason to hurry up and lift the veil of secrecy over one of the most beautiful countries of the East before anyone else.

Cities and resorts of Qatar

The capital is Doha, where the past is intertwined with the present in a colorful Persian carpet. The area between the desert and the sea has been inhabited since the 4th millennium BC. e., but began to develop in the 18th century, turning from a modest fishing village of Al-Bida into an oasis of prosperity and prosperity. Impenetrable forts and ethnic museums remind of ancient times; Bedouins still live in the vicinity, introducing foreigners to the traditional way of life. Volvo S90 – The best in its segment

Over the past decades, strange skyscrapers, the country’s best hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, many of which are concentrated on the artificial island of Pearl Qatar, have sprung up along the coast.

El Wakrah is a former pearl-fishing center, where you can admire the old fortress, the Sheikh’s House, and the mosque, taste seafood at the fish market, and a stadium, parks and entertainment will appear for the championship. Al Haur, amid oil fields, is famous for temples, secluded beaches, and a hotel in a luxurious palace. And not far from the port of Messaida, a large recreational park and a diving reef with flooded boats, cars, and a school bus have been created.

Qatar climate

The climate in Qatar is continental tropical, extremely arid, unbearably hot in summer: the air often heats up to + 50 ° C. At the same time, humidity, especially on the coast, reaches 90%, although the annual rainfall is only 80 mm. But from December to March, average temperatures are +20 … + 30 ° C, so it is better to rest here.

Visa and customs

To travel to Qatar, you need a visa; some citizens can get it right at the airport depending on their nationality, but tourists from the CIS countries will have to contact the consulates. However, it will not be superfluous for your peace of mind to issue a travel insurance policy, which is not asked when entering the country.

Prohibited are weapons, explosives, ivory and rhinoceros horn products, pork, animal skin, drugs and psychotropic substances.

Importing printed publications and audiovisual products with materials that contradict the country’s cultural traditions is prohibited. However, import and export of national and foreign currencies are not limited; it can reasonably import items for personal use, perfume, and tobacco: wines and other alcoholic beverages – only by special permission and only for employees of diplomatic missions.

Transport Qatar

Visitors to Qatar can use taxi services: they are cheap, available at any time of the day or night, and are easily recognizable by their bright colors. The minimum fare is 10 QAR per trip; the rates for 1 km in Doha are 1.60 QAR during the day and 1.90 QAR at night (from 21:00 to 5:00), outside the capital – 1.90 QAR, regardless of the time of day … For order by phone, they charge another 5 QAR for 15 minutes of waiting – 8 QAR.

Tourists also have the option of Rent a Car In Doha.

The network of city buses is developing, new routes connect the center with the airport or run in ​​the Western Bay. Travel is paid using Karwa Smartcard; one can purchase them machines for 10 QAR (2 trips within the city), 20 QAR (daily pass) and 30 QAR (rechargeable card for an unlimited period).

A Hop-on Hop-off double-decker bus was launched for tourists with stops at the Souq Waqif market, Pearl Qatar Island, the Corniche, and museums. Ticket for 24 hours for adults – 190 QAR, for students and children from 5 to 15 years old – 90 QAR.

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