Baba Ramdev’s Guide For Fighting Covid At Home

Baba Ramdev’s Guide For Fighting Covid At Home

With an increase in the Novel coronavirus cases, people are experiencing more and more symptoms with new variants and diseases forming up. Blank fungus, yellow fungus, weather flu, the disease is getting more and more deadly. Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected our physical and mental health, with people becoming anxious and unproductive. In this heavy time, Baba Ramdev suggests doing yoga and mindful activities for at least ten minutes a day to help fight the chances of getting infected. Not only covid but other serious health issues such as high blood pressure, weak heart, immunity,

Baba Ramdev answered some of the most common questions – how can you improve your immunity during covid, how can you be more flexible, productive, and strong – the answer to all these is discussed here. As the symptoms of this deadly virus are constantly changing, from a dry cough to body pain and high blood pressure, it is crucial to have a balance in your diet and health. Along with this, our lifestyle also has a prominent role in how fast our body is developing antibodies to fight against antigens. As Baba Ramdev says, if a person has a happy mind, he/she will have a happy body and fruitful work life. Nourishing your body and taking time out for yourself shall be considered a necessity, as it will result in a better form of living during this devastating pandemic.  Swami Ramdev’s yoga tips


Your heart and lungs are the most prominent parts of your body and should be taken the most care of. As they are more prone to chronic diseases which can happen due to the excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, the issues might also include low blood pressure, poor digestion, low immunity, and irregular circulation of blood in the body.

Baba Ramdev suggests doing breathing along with meditation exercises ten minutes a day as it can reduce work pressure, anxiety, doubtful thoughts, and provide a sense of calmness and relaxation to your mind. Your mental health is much more important than your work life, ensure self-care days and relaxation times. It can vary from person to person, can be music, books or cooking. Performing activities that provide you calm and joy are considered slowing down overthinking and doubtful thoughts.

Yoga connects your body to your unconscious state of mind, finding spiritual and deep satisfaction. Performing yoga at least ten minutes a day is considered highly successful in not only enhancing flexibility but also regulating blood circulation, making muscles strong, and making the core tight.


All you require here is a mat and a place with no chaos. Remember to wear comfortable clothing in a hurry. Always start with a positive affirmation and clean mind, recalling the things you are grateful for.


An 11- step asana that includes different postures is helpful for boosting immunity. The benefits are listed down below –

Boosting energy levels

Improve digestion

Stronger mind

Strong self-esteem


Stronger immunity

Body detoxification

Control blood-pressure

Relieves anxiety and stress

Builds confidence and patience


Considered 100% effective in strengthening lungs and keeping the heat healthy. Getting into the habit of performing this pranayama daily is helpful to deal with issues such as hypertension, asthma, tumors, Blood pressure, sinus, TV, and more. It also increases the oxygen levels in the body, which helps to reduce cancer-generating cells.


This form of using your stomach and breathing out for at least five minutes is effective against heart blockage. This can be done both in the morning and evening. Kapalbhati focuses on keeping the mind calm and happy.


Fight smoking addictions

Effective against lung blockage

Cures chronic liver, and fatty liver issues

Proven to overcome the problem of hepatitis.

Removes thyroid issues.

Some Yoga Asanas You Can Do At Your Home By Baba Ramdev’s Guide For Fighting Covid 19 Like Surya Namaskar, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, And More.


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