Beginner’s Guide to Vinyasa Yoga

Beginner’s Guide to Vinyasa Yoga

Do you want to practice a fast-paced yoga style? It is time you enroll in the stamina-increasing and flexibility-improving yoga style known as Vinyasa yoga. It is the best yoga style that fills your body with the feel-good Endorphins which impacts your entire day. To learn and practice this yoga style you can enroll in a certified YTT Rishikesh.

The yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you understand everything about this yoga style.

Beginner’s Guide On Vinyasa Yoga

Let us first break down the word Vinyasa.

The first word Vin means to place. The second word Yasa means in a special way.

When combined, Vinyasa means to move with intention. The practice of Vinyasa yoga helps you flow through every body movement with intent to keep your body and mind connected.

Vinyasa yoga utilizes the power of your breath to transition from one pose to another and focus on alignment. It is a series of fast-paced asanas which are more focused on transition rather than holding each asana for several breaths.

Remember, every yoga asana in Vinyasa yoga is connected through a rhythmic inhalation and exhalation. Its entire aim is to create energy and heat in your body. You should enroll in the RYT 200 to learn everything about this yoga style.

But, there are some characteristics of Vinyasa yoga that make it a bit special.

Characteristics of Vinyasa Yoga

To understand this yoga style, you should check out a few characteristics of this yoga style like;

  • Movement is always combined with the right breathing technique
  • Inhalation is followed by an upward movement. The exhalation follows a downward movement
  • Ujjayi Pranayama is the yogic technique used for breath control
  • Yoga poses and sequences are repeated multiple times in the same session
  • Vinyasa yoga offers an excellent cardiovascular workout to the body
  • Yoga asanas are similar to those practiced in Ashtanga yoga. The order and variance of the asanas differ

But, that is not all. There are a few more interesting things which you should know about this yoga style.

1. Alignment is Important

Despite the speed at which you practice Vinyasa yoga, body alignment is important. Just as it is important to maintain proper form and alignment in different poses to prevent an injury. It is important to retain that alignment when you transition from one yoga asana to the next.

2. Breathing Matters

As stated above, the focal point of Vinyasa yoga is always the breath. Keep in mind that breathing is the connection between your mind and body. Therefore, if your breathing becomes short and hard, it is time to slow down.

Losing control over your breathing during Vinyasa yoga indirectly results in the loss of control over your body which can be the cause of a serious injury. You should enroll in a certified YTT Rishikesh to learn the best yogic breathing techniques.

3. Faster is Not Everything

At times, when you flow through the different movements during Vinyasa yoga class, the muscle memory kicks in and you start following the same old routine.

Remember, in Vinyasa yoga you should always take your time and apply mindfulness to transition into yoga poses at your own comfort. The main focus here is to move with integrity and build up speed slowly overtime.

In other words, at times you need to slow down and move with care and attention rather than rush into yoga asana.

4. Do Not Push Yourself Hard

Similar to every other style of yoga, Vinyasa yoga also never encourages you to push the body beyond what is comfortable. This yoga style is about finding the perfect balance between strength and surrender. The RYT 200 will help you understand all about this yoga style without any hassle.

5. Yoga Props Are Your Friends

Just like other yoga styles, in Vinyasa yoga also the yoga props are your best friends. You should not feel ashamed of using props during a challenging yoga asana. These keep you safe and help you practice hard yoga exercises with ease.

Therefore, this is how you can safely practice Vinyasa without any issue.


Want to practice a yoga asana that keeps you fit and flexible? You should join a Yoga Alliance certified YTT Rishikesh to learn everything about Vinyasa yoga from the best. The guide above will provide you a fair idea about this yoga style.

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