Best Treks to do in Bangalore

Best Treks to do in Bangalore


Some best treks to do in Bangalore are Channagiri Trek, Kudremukh Trek, Gokarna Beach Trek, Bheemeshwari Trek, Hampi Heritage Trek, Kunti Betta Trek, and Savandurga Trek, etc are best treks to do in Bangalore. Bangalore has a variety of places where you can enjoy to the core of the heart. One of the best things here you can do is trekking. Bangalore has the most dramatic weather that makes trekking incredibly awesome. Some of them are mentioned below.


Channagiri Trek

Channagiri trek takes you to the remarkable Nandi Hills near Bangalore, which occurs to be one of the beloved weekend and journeying places for the totality of Karnataka. And on this span of cliffs lies the offbeat yet highly courageous journey to the exterior of Channagiri. The 2-hour journey to the height starts from the extreme foot of the mountain where you will be strolling by caressing the hill of the elevation. You will glimpse that the area has a fairly barren kind of greenery, but that is completed by the unstoppable impressions of the Deccan Plateau.


Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh trek examines the elegance of the Western Ghats and is among the greatly spectacular choices when journeying over Bangalore. This 22-kilometer trip to and from the ridge of Karnataka’s third-highest elevation seizes you through the wilderness roads, pouring out cascades, bamboo shrubbery, eventually expiring in emerald cliffs, half-covered in tumbling fogs.

This intermediate-level journey begins from the Kudremukh Trek core which can be effortlessly entered by a jeep. There are various beautiful rivers and cascades where you can halt to appreciate. Once you enter the summit, you can appreciate impressions of the rolling grassland hills with a mug of coffee from your jug and this is one of the pleasantest trekking places near Bangalore.


Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna beach trek is one of the most fascinating treks to do in Bangalore. It’s an easy trek so all the beginner treks can accomplish it without any doubts! The total distance a trek will be covering is 480 kilometers. The favorable time to perform this trek is October to March. Gokarna is a minor town in the state holding great significance. The picturesque road encompasses ways through the several sandy shores of the region, with the Arabian Sea sloping on one wall and rough slopes sticking out from the other.


Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeahwari is one of the most prominent places to attend in Bangalore. This is positioned 110 kilometers away from Bangalore. There are various activities you can perform here, one of them is trekking. Do carry your camera for catching fantastic peeks as you will experience a lot more than you want in Bheemeshwari. Bheemeshwari is loved as a great weekend goal from Bangalore as it gives in amount. Crossing across the stream in a rural coracle is one of the additional characteristics which works as an attraction to hundreds and thousands of town citizens to take a break at Bheemeshwari.


Hampi Heritage Trek

Hampi Heritage Trek is the most adorable trekking trail. Which fascinates tourists. It’s an easy trek. Wonder at the picture of the incredible elegance of the area with the cliffs and ravines after the Hampi Trek. Trek through the paddy plantation and trek through the minor wilderness track. It’s a three-day journey that will lend you a memory to remember a long way.


Kunti Betta Trek

Kunti Betta Trek starts from a trail of a synagogue in Pandavapura, attending a pair of steps that oversee you to the substantial rise. The height of the mountain is in meters and the trek is a minor one, enabling you to complete it in half a day and attempt some additional spots for trekking in Bangalore. Kunti Betta trek is one of the promising treks near Bangalore.  The total distance the trekker will be required to accomplish is 130 kilometers. The favorable time to attend this trek is November to February.


Savandurga Trek

The Savandurga is understood to be one of the largest monolith hills in whole Asia and the trek to the roof takes around one and a partner to two hours. This trekking trail is situated 65 kilometers away from Bangalore. The total distance a total trekker will be covering is 65 kilometers. The length of the trek is 4 kilometers. The favorable time to perform this trek is November to February. When the climate is pleasant and suitable for trekking. Since it’s an easy trek anyone can easily accomplish it.


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