Best Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Persian Cats At Home

Best Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Persian Cats At Home

The cuteness of the blue-eyed Persian cat has always attracted every pet lover. They are usually the quiet breed and are extremely popular pets. These breeds are very much obsessed with their owners; they are an epitome of a lap cat and are also quite friendly towards the stranger. However, it becomes quite difficult to get a purebred Persian cat in India. Therefore, it is mandatory to check thoroughly before having one.

After getting your Persian pets, after having your Persian pet it is very important to take care of your cat. Here we will discuss briefly how you can take care of your Persian pet easily at home! But before moving forward, let’s look at some of the characteristics of Persian cats:

  • Good with other pets and children
  • Neds a companion of other pets or people
  • Sweet, easy-going, and affectionate
  • Prone to many health issues
  • Soft and quiet voices
  • Needs to brush regularly as they shed a lot

How to take care of your Persian Cat at Home? 

The Persian is a very sensual animal and is prone to many health diseases. Pet parents usually spend a lot of amounts to buy a pet, for example, a Siberian Husky price in India can cost you a lot, but after having one you also need to take care of their grooming expenses which are also higher. Therefore proper care starts from home this will make your pet healthier and save extra expenses.

So being a pet parent it is important to take care of our pet with a few important things, such as

Food Bowls: 

Yes, the first and foremost thing you need for your pet is to have a food bowl. With a lower side food bowl that makes it easier for the cats as they won’t bother for the whiskers during eating. But Persians have flat faces or especially shorter noses and they usually eat from a flat dish. Also, dishes with plastic are not best as this harbors bacteria, therefore, steel, glass, and ceramics are the best way to take care of your Persian cat.

Prescribed Diet:

While planning for your Persian pet’s diet, you need to look after their less active lifestyle and their plush coat. You can choose low-fat food for your Persian cat, as this will make them healthier, and fit. Also, along with the diet you need to provide those foods filled with nutritious and vitamins as Indian weather are extremely hot which makes it difficult for a pet to adjust, therefore you need to plan accordingly for your Persian cat in Delhi. 


The Persians have long beautiful coats, so it’s important to keep them clean. The litter gets stuck to the cat’s hair and feet and it’s one of the worst things that happen to a pet. This makes your pets more messy and unhygienic. But you can control it with wood Pallets, as there is no clumping or stickiness by using the Wood Pellets.

Grooming Kit:

It is important to get the right grooming kit for your Persian pets. As they have long hair and sheds easily, it is important to have proper grooming kits that consist of all the necessary tools to keep your cats coat in healthier conditions. As your Persian baby hold a dense undercoat, you need to take care of the hair from the root to the tip. You need to take proper care of your cat grooming and healthier shampoo for your Persian cat.


A lot of products and foods are available in the market, and these product claims to prevent hairballs. Whereas any cat breed can get affected by it, mostly long-haired cats are very much prone to this. Therefore it is important to provide a healthy diet to your pet. Provide them homemade raw meat diet which is very much healthier for the pet.

Cat Toys:

You need to give your cat a wide range of toys, so this will remove the boredom of your cat. The Persians mostly tend to live indoors, and they get bored easily. Therefore it is important to provide them with an environment where they can stimulate their mind easily.

Persian Pets are very likely to get affected by many serious health issues. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of these pets, By following the above steps you can make your pet healthy and happy.

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