Best Ways to Practice Compassion For Better Life

Best Ways to Practice Compassion For Better Life

Compassion is one of the most underrated elements to live a happy life. Rather, people have become self-centered. Studies show the being kind to others has a deeper impact on your brain. Not just that, compassion is a skill that helps you in transforming your life. So, you should practice compassion if you wish to live a kind life.

How to Practice Compassion

However, not many know ways to practice compassion. If you are one of them, make sure you check the following points. Read on.


If you wish to change anything in your life, you should be the starting point. That means, when you practice compassion, make sure you follows it with your whole heart.

Rather than criticizes others, be open to know what could be they suffering from. This gives you ample reasons to understand others.

Hence, you feel a lot more open to other people and become a good listener. You can even practice different types of meditation techniques that are going to help you practice self-compassion.

Stop Self-Referencing

You need to understand not everything starts with you. There are things, situations, or reasons apart from what you think.

So, you should stop self-referencing and change the way you think. No doubt that you must think about whether something is affecting you.

However, thinking solely about you is not a good idea. Moving away from yourself is the first step towards self-compassion.

Be Kind

Famously exclaimed by Dalai Lama, “My religion is kindness” is not just a quote. Rather, you can make your life easier when you practice kindness. If you want to learn from venerable yoga masters, you should join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

Don’t limit kindness to just humans. Anything inferior to you or can’t fight back should taste the kindness you offer.

True kindness has a positive impact on not just you but also the receiver. It takes birth when you feel whole from the inside.

No Judgments

Judging others is like complaining. No good comes out of complaining or passing judgments. Why do you feel the need to pass on a judgment about how someone feels, lives, or behaves.

To practice compassion, you need to let go of judging people. Sometimes, you do not know the real story behind their nature or life.

It is through compassion and being kind that you become aware of how others’ lives are unfolding. You become understanding and feel compassion for them.

Practicing different forms of meditation techniques when you join 300 hour yoga teacher training will help you let go of ego and expectation. In short, you drop off judgments about others and yourself.

Be a Good Listener

Generously listening means offering an ear to others. It has two benefits. One is for the speaker. When you listen patiently, the speaker feels as if he or she is sharing things with someone who cares.

Whereas on the listener’s side, you learn about things the speaker is going is through. It helps you shed off the judgments or opinions about others.

In short, you become compassionate, kind, and softhearted when you truly listen. Silence fills out the gap when no one is talking.

Moreover, when silence overlaps the moment, you listen and relate to them. It helps you see that you are no different in life. Rather, every soul is suffering in one or the other.

Practice Patience

Patience is one of the most important elements when you wish to practice compassion or kindness. Numerous distractions are there to test your patience.

For instance, looking at the phone repeatedly, doing multitasking, and looking away while talking to avoid eye contact. All these pointers signal that you are too distracted to be patient.

So, you should just breathe in and be still to practice compassion and patience.


Compassion is surely important that allows you to feel connected with others. It helps you identify what their sufferings or shortcomings are. So, you must practice compassion to become a part of the larger community.

However, there are plenty of other yogic techniques that you can use to practice compassion. For that, you must join a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. This allows you to learn from experienced and certified yoga teachers. In the end, inculcate yoga into your routine and live a harmonious life.

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