Cabinet Makers- Taking Cabinetry To A New Level

Cabinet Makers- Taking Cabinetry To A New Level

A case or a cupboard, commonly known as a cabinet, helps store and display various items. Some people like to build a stand-alone cabinet and some like an attached cabinet. The commonly used substances for cabinets are woods, coated steel, and sometimes synthetic materials. Most people prefer hiring cabinet makers for customized work.  They have the expertise and skill that helps them create beautiful, functionally supreme and aesthetically appealing cabinets.


The Cabinets usually have one or more doors on the front side-mounted with special door hardware and a lock. These usually contain drawers or shelves to store various items.  A short cabinet has a finished surface at the top for displaying items or as countertops found in the kitchen. People also use cabinets in the bedroom as dressers, night tables, and wardrobes.

Who Are Cabinet Makers?


Cabinet makers are skilled woodworkers, also known as bench carpenters in some areas, who have great specialization in designing, making, repairing, and altering the fine cabinets and usually prepare custom-made items. They usually cut the raw materials, shape them, prepare the surface, assemble the parts, and install the final product.


Nowadays, to become a qualified cabinet maker, anyone has to put three to four years of commitment into the work. It would help if you had an apprenticeship in furniture making, and the entry-level employee needs to have training from “Registered Training Organizations” in short RTO’s. The training may vary depending on the needs of employers.


Tools Used By Cabinet Makers

The cabinet makers use various machines and hand tools, including saws, shapers, planers, chisels, wood files, sanders, and many more. They finish the frame, install the doors and attach hardware, all using hand tools. Before assembling the products, some woodworkers may finish sanding, taping the sections, and painting and staining the products. Sometimes they sealed the woods after staining and paint dries.

Things They Make


Some shops hire them to make the cabinets for homes and businesses, while others make the furniture for restaurants. The furniture in restaurants may include panels, booths, and even various counters. Some of them work as subcontractors under building contractors.

Styles Used In Cabinetry


The cabinet makers have the skill to create the desired design and styles of cabinets.  Some of the common styles used by cabinet makers are:

Glamour Style


The glamour styles are combinations of English, Greek, and Hollywood glamour. The most important feature is lighter neutral tones with sharp dark shades of black and navy blue. In addition, it contains a metallic frame, dark and shiny finishes, and crystal and metal ornaments embedded into it. These also have various aesthetics in the form of crystal and metal ornaments.

Rustic Style


Many people opt for vintage or rustic style. In this furniture style, the cabinet makers try to keep the materials in their natural state. The woodworkers often use whole logs or branches, including tree bark, to make this design. The trees mainly used are pine, fir, spur, and cedar. This style features oversized furniture, often handmade, and has earthy tones like grey, green, and browns.

French Provincial Style


In this style, the woodworkers usually stain or paint the cabinets, leaving the wood concealed. The sides and corners have gold leaf and some other types of gliding. Flat surfaces have various artworks, such as landscapes or other paintings.

Scandinavian Style


This design usually contains clean lines, both horizontal and vertical. Compared to other types of styles, there is an absence of ornamentation. This kind of style is usually inclined towards materials rather than design.

To sum it up

Cabinetry is an art that people continue throughout the ages. People like to design their houses as much as they want and accordingly, they hire various workers. The cabinet makers are the ones responsible for designing the beautiful furniture and cabinets in the house. They use their skills and experience to the fullest to make the best products possible.


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