Can Big Data Analytics Be Your Next Career Option?

Can Big Data Analytics Be Your Next Career Option?

Big data, as the name suggests, is massive in size. All kinds of data generated by human beings during all kinds of processes can collectively be called big data. The quantity of big data is so massive the computational options we have had recently were simply inadequate. But with the advancements and developments in the field of computer sciences and allied disciplines, it is now possible to make sense of all that generated data, which can be seemingly unrelated. What big data grants are the ability to predict based on past experiences and data. Huge amounts of data can be analyzed for patterns and structures for making a prescription. In these troubled times for the world economy and commercial endeavors, the use of big data is excelling through even the most difficult of scenarios. Thus taking up a big data course right now is maybe the best option for someone willing to diversify their already stagnant career. This article will shed light on the implementations of big data in day to day lives and the employment opportunities coupled with it.

What does it take to be a big data analyst?

Big data is a fairly old phenomenon, even before the inception of computers humans are known to analyze all kinds of data for the management of entire kingdoms. A big data analyst of our time is expected to have a background in coding and analytics based on statistics. Due to the sheer size of big data, it is impossible to handle the sets manually. Thus the assistance of machine learning tools is essential for the analytics part. Thus a big data analyst is expected to have an acumen in statistics and machine learning as a whole. In addition to those, a big data analyst must go through rigorous at work training before initiating a new career. As the role is bestowed with responsibilities that leave very little room for error. And budding organizations depending on a big data analyst can be obliterated by the slightest mistakes on the analyst’s behalf. Thus it is crucial to have some kind of prior training if suitable employment is expected in the field of big data.

Employment opportunities in big data 

Public service

In the case of public sectors, big data utilization is achieving miracles. The power of making effective predictions is not only saving and changing millions of lives but also saving valuable time as well.


The healthcare sector is perhaps the most tormented of all public sectors given the pandemic we are facing. The handling and making sense of large sums of health and treatment data is benefitting the health care sectors with personalized therapies. Even in these dark days, healthcare sectors all around the world are performing with commendable finesse due to this dependency on data. Remote wearable devices are also being introduced. These devices can collect data and transmit the same to the concerned health centre so that a record can be kept and lightning-fast diagnosis can be delivered.

Disaster management

Climate and disaster data can help in the prediction of upcoming storms. Even when and where they might strike can be revealed with the help of big data analytics. Entire populations can be evacuated or sheltered in the face of such calamity. 

Commercial sector

After the lockdowns were imposed, the major economic powers of the west perished under its sheer pressure. Businesses and commercial organizations had to evolve into a more efficient version of themselves just in order to survive. The utilization of big data in multiple aspects of commerce granted the confidence to move forward and pass through the ordeal.


By analyzing the buying and sending habits of a population a company can design and incept their products. And by analyzing the buying habits of entire populations they can decide who might need their product in the near future. Thus advertisements can be shown to only the most relevant individuals. So that a massive success rate can be achieved.


It is no surprise that big data education is gaining popularity among an experienced lot of IT and CS engineers.  In this tumultuous time job losses in the field of IT and CS is nothing new, and a big data course evidently can save a career from finishing off. Additionally, the massive implementation of big data analytics in day to day matters deserve professional attention. Thus predisposed and adept individuals must consider switching into big data keeping in mind the prospects of mutual benefits.



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