CET and CPD. What’s the difference? And what are the best hybrid event platforms?

CET and CPD. What’s the difference? And what are the best hybrid event platforms?

CPD Learning is the process of improving technical knowledge and capabilities through collaborative, participative, or self-directed learning. Learners can enhance their professional competencies proactively through CPD activities such as certified learning or self-directed learning initiatives. CPD refers to the various learning activities that professionals engage in to improve their skills and talents. Continuing education and training is a comprehensive word that refers to further formal learning activities that are not often tied to a college degree. Continuing education can be offered through the semester, self-directed, group-based, or online, hybrid meetings.

Participating in these programs demonstrates your dedication to managing your learning and expanding your skills and knowledge beyond the required competency framework. All of these intentions are professional. It is also worth noting that CPD is widely accepted across professions and is a nationally recognized indicator of professional learning. These objectives are challenging to quantify what the difference is, but they indicate a distinction between CET and CPD.

The platforms listed below provide their consumers with the option of hosting hybrid and virtual events.

The Pacha Group

The Pacha Group was established to create unique events. The notion turned into an exciting success and development story. From small-town possibilities to shows that reshaped the event management industry’s boundaries, we’ve seen it all. Pacha Group has become a household and evolved into a world-class name in the event management sector. The Pacha Group event management organization over time. They planned and executed several events, including outdoor festivals. Private parties, high-profile live events, conferences, lectures, concerts, product launches, and weddings are all options.


Master badge is a cutting-edge and best event management website that offers an all-in-one online event management technology platform that provides event organizers with a full range of tools to help them produce outstanding events. Event planners can use the platform to manage their event portfolios comprehensive online and onsite registration platform that offers flexibility and convenience of use while also controlling everything. To improve communication with participants, presenters, and other stakeholders, email and social media contacts will be used.

The masterbadge facilitates CPD learning through the use of CPD activities. In addition, they provide a marketing platform to help you obtain better outcomes and reach your goals faster. The objectives of masterbadge include website administration that aids in the most effective delivery of the message, mobile app that keeps everyone up to date and contains all the information they need without affecting the environment or decreasing collateral printouts like as agendas, Surveys, and polls to gauge success and satisfaction in real-time, ensuring the next event is even better, Onsite equipment and gear that aids in giving a great onsite experience.

Vigor Events

Vigor events is a subsidiary of vigor-enterprise, founded by a group of young, active entrepreneurs. Vigor-Events is a first-rate conference venue for the sophisticated cultural audiences of the Middle East and North Africa region. Vigor-Events is dedicated to expanding the concept of seminars and conferences beyond the bounds of standard event administration. The idea is to have talks that result in solutions for the world we live in, not merely have discussions. They provide several interactive business seminars. Their lectures are meant to be informative and helpful conversations on specific themes.

Participating in CPD activities demonstrates your dedication to managing your learning and expanding your skills and knowledge beyond the required competency framework. Masterbadge is an innovative all-in-one event technology platform that provides event organizers with a complete set of tools to help them produce unique events. Among them are participant registration, email marketing, attendance tracking, CPD learning and certificates, surveys, onsite solutions, and other services.


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