8 Tips to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer by Storing It Correctly

8 Tips to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer by Storing It Correctly

Jewelry boxes are sustainable, and they decompose on their own. The manufacturing material present in them are durable. These materials include cardboard, kraft, bux board, and corrugated stocks. There are multiple types of printing methods available for these packages. Digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing are the best methods for printing these packages. Graphics and images can also be easily added to the packages with the help of these methods. CMYK and PMS are the color models available for these boxes. Lamination improves the resistance of the packaging by forming a transparent coating on the packaging. Embossing the packaging will bring luxury and expensiveness.

Jewelry boxes are available at reasonable prices. There are many ways to get them at discounted prices. They are used for placing your delicate jewelry items safely. Dust particles, heat, and moisture decrease the value of the products. You can use these packages to make your items protected in them. It is also important to take care of the jewelry items. There are many ways to store your jewelry items to increase their life. This article will explain the eight useful tips recommended by experts to make the jewelry last longer.

Clean it properly

Custom jewelry boxes are available for storing jewelry items. The best tip to increase the life duration of the jewelry items is to clean them properly after you have used them. Many times it has been observed that people use the items and throw them on the dressing table carelessly. This can decrease the integrity of the item. You can break the fancy chains and designs as well. Make sure you are cleaning the jewelry items before storing them. If you are not cleaning them, the sweat and additional components will make their home in the items. This will result in reducing the original glow of your products.

Protective packaging

Jewelry boxes wholesale can be purchased easily, even when you are on a budget. The best way to store your items is to keep them in durable packaging. These boxes are manufactured with high-quality materials, including cardboard, bux board, and kraft. These materials are the best when it comes to protecting against the harshness of external factors. Experts recommend using these packages to attract customers as well. These packages have protective designs. Some of the packagings comes with a flip-lock closure model where nothing can enter the box. The integrity of your item will remain intact.

Anti-tarnish agents

Custom printed jewelry boxes with anti-tarnish agents in them are the best way to store your jewelry items for longer times. It is important to use anti-tarnish agents to make sure that your items are not getting discolored. You can use anti-tarnish eyeglass or paper to store each piece. This will help in the safe storage of the item. This will also allow the shine of the jewelry to stay for a long piece of time.

Packaging inserts and assortments 

Custom boxes with packaging inserts and assortments are important for storing the items. These inserts will help in keeping the fancy bangles, rings, and chains in their place. These items are so fragile that they can be easily misplaced. The presence of assortments and inserts helps in keeping the items in place. You will not be worried about having to find them over again every time you have an event to attend.

Keep it away from moisture

Moisture is the enemy of jewelry items. It blackens the gold and destroys the quality of the jewelry. It oxidizes the piece of jewelry and increases the chance of rusting. This can also decrease the overall value of your products. The worth of your products will decrease. The investment you made in buying gold jewelry will go to waste. Make sure if you are going swimming or any related activity, don’t wear any jewelry.

Wash with warm water

For cleaning purposes and once in a year cleaning, you can use warm water. It is recommended not to use warm water alone. You should mix it with liquid soap. Use a gentle soft brush to rub the dirt over the jewelry. Once you have cleaned it with warm water, the next step is to dry it before putting it in the box. You can also use a polishing metal to remove the presence of any tarnish. This will decrease the chances of any dirt or sweat particles attacking the jewelry items.

Do not mix 

Another highly important tip to remember is to keep the jewelry items separated. If you are using these packages, you can add compartments to them. When gold, silver, or platinum products are placed together, they decrease the quality of each other. This can also lead to entangled jewelry items in the packaging. Additional compartments present on the jewelry packages will keep the items safe from mixing.

Separate it from makeup

It is highly recommended to keep your jewelry items away from makeup products. These products contain several elements and compounds that can be a cause of the rusting process. If the jewelry starts to get rusted, it will lose its worth. You can use jewelry packages to improve the protection of expensive products from makeup items.

Jewelry boxes are cost-effective and available at wholesale options. There are plenty of ways to protect your jewelry items from the harms of external factors. You can use inserts and assortments to increase durability. You can also use anti-tarnish agents or papers to wrap each item in them separately. It is important to clean them properly once in a while. You can also use warm water and liquid soap for cleaning purposes.


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