Different Types of Craft Paint

Different Types of Craft Paint

If you love creating arts and crafts, paint is one of the most basic supplies that you always have. Paint is one of the basic items you could use to add colours to your projects and make it look more beautiful. For newbie artists, choosing a paint for your next craft project can be confusing with so many different types of craft paints out there. Each type of paint has different features and are used in different types of art projects.

To help you choose the right one for your next project, here are the most commonly used crafts paints and their differences.


Watercolour is one of the basic paint types used by crafters and artists. The colour pigments are suspended in water and when it is applied to a surface, it dries and stains the surface with the colour. Watercolour is usually translucent but you can achieve more opacity by applying more product into the surface. After it dries, the Watercolour never flakes out unlike other paint types. It stays on the surface as long as it is dry.


Another common paint used in crafts are acrylic paints. The great thing about this paint type is its versatility. You can use it on different surfaces such as canvas, Watercolour paper, or any stable surface. Unlike Watercolour, acrylic paint is not translucent. It provides excellent pigment quality and strength making it a perfect paint for almost any type of application such as brushwork, staining, and many more. It is also fast-drying and comes in different forms and viscosity.


If you’re looking for a more durable craft paint, oil-based paints are the perfect choice. Oil-based paints has a rich and glossy finish. It also blends perfectly well with other paint types. Since this paint dries slowly unlike the previous paint types, the user can easily change or develop the artwork gradually. Some oil-based paints can also be diluted with a little bit of water to achieve a more liquid and thinner texture. When this paint dries, it leaves a smooth, velvety, and a little bit elastic paint surface.


Gouache is a little bit similar to Watercolour. However, it is chalkier and has darker pigment than the traditional Watercolour. Gouache is water soluble and is really opaque so it covers the surface fully unlike Watercolour. This paint needs to be diluted with water before using but it still has a richer pigment even when already diluted. It dries a little bit slow which means the artist can still make some changes even hours after applying the paint.


This type of paint is wax based and contains a strong colour compared to other paint types. Since it is wax based, encaustic paint is highly resistant to water and moisture. It is perfect to be used on absorbent surface and you need some heat to make the paint incorporate into the surface.

When it comes to paint, choosing the right one is important for the success of your project. Think about what feature you’re looking for in a paint to find the right one for your craft.

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