Different Types of Lift Kits and Their Purposes

Different Types of Lift Kits and Their Purposes

The habit of installing lift kits to vehicles has turned out to be popular. The main reasons for this is the popularity of off-reading, increasing in tire size and the performance of the vehicle and the power of” looking down” on other vehicles.

The use of lift kit on pickup trucks, jeeps and SUVs has been increased mostly compared to the other vehicles. The art of installing a lift kit to the vehicle is not that easy. If you are thinking of lifting your vehicle, you should have the knowledge of the type of kits before the installation. So, let us look into it.

Levelling kits

The back-end of vehicles are usually higher than the front-ends, which restricts the usage of larger tires in the vehicles. This levelling kit is used to raise the front of the vehicle so it matches the height in the back. By this process it provides clearance for larger tires and makes the vehicle more attractive. This is designed to provide a maximum lift about 2 inches to the front-end of the vehicle.

Coil lift kits

This is one of the few popular types of Lift Kit. The reasons for the popularity is that, it is very economical related to the other types of lift kit and it creates space between the springs and body of 0.75 and 2.5 inches. Coil lift kits are also known as Budget Boost Systems. Because it includes longer shocks or shock extensions, longer sway bar links, track bar brackets and brake line brackets.

Lift Kits
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Body lift kits

This is one of the special types of lift kits, because this technique of lifting a vehicle needs unlocking the body frame, installing 1–3-inch nylon spacers between the body and the frame and re-bolting. This consumes a lot of time related to the process using other lift kit. Body lifts create a gap between the body and frame and also provides more tire clearance retaining the factory suspension geometry and alignment.

Suspension lift kits

Suspension lift kits are the most famous type of lift kits. These lift kit allow to raise the vehicle as high as the driver feels comfortable enough. These use much larger sized tires and a wheel combination compared to the other types of lift kits. A Ford ranger lift kit roughens the ride and changes the steering articulation as well.

This also prevents body squat and excessive dive when accelerating and braking when properly paired with particular shock absorbers. Suspension lift kits are of two types. The short arm suspension lifts, which is most commonly used and lifts vehicles under 4 inches. The other type, long-arm suspension lifts are for rock and mountain climbing with a capability of lifting up to 10 inches.

It is a must to keep in mind the different types of lift kits and to possess knowledge on each of its purposes. So, even if you are going to do the installation or a mechanic. You would be able to look in to it with a proper understanding.

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