Customize your Cardboard Display Boxes with Single Color in Different Petersen Styles

Customize your Cardboard Display Boxes with Single Color in Different Petersen Styles

Custom Boxes Wholesale

Custom boxes – We are crafting ground-breaking boxes in Petersen style. Branded products especially demand highly competitive packaging that would help to become the limelight. We bring focus to your product due to its striking packaging. Packaging companies are struggling day and night to improve the presentation of the products with cardboard display boxes.

We help to make packing according to the product’s nature and requirements. Household items, watches, perfumes, cosmetic products, crockery, decorative items, bakery items even apparel is being packaged in a better display style. The clumsy and monotonous packaging speaks ill of the brand as the audience gets the impression of poor quality. All the big names who deliver the best quality product also put the effort into thoughtful packaging.

It’s not just a Box but a Whole New Perspective

Quality is maintained as people promote the trusted brands on social and digital media. Influencers have been seen to talk about the carefully designed packaging on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The sturdy material is used that can withstand weight and transportation. The presentation of the box is maintained and does not get crushed or crumbled.

We help you to retain your older customers and gaining a new audience. Trust of the consumers can be gained by the deliverance of standardized packaging. Durable boxes are made for protecting the product from temperature or climatic changes. Breathable material is ideal for humid conditions and yet keeps the product dry. Dirt-free delivery is promised without any entry of moisture.

Impactful Printing in Striking Colors

We impart life to the monotonous plain counter top display boxes by adding some vibrant and pastel hues. Single-colored boxes are made by mono-color printing. We make blended color schemed boxes with PMS or CMYK printing. Choice of colors can be done by the brand ambassador. Logo printed boxes in embossing or engraving are an effective tool for advertisement.

We offer hi-tech printing features for a long-lasting experience. AQ coating is provided to make the colorful print smudge-free. UV spot treatment is a type of curing that adds texture to the box. The finishing of the box is an extra layer that also protects the print. Matte, glittery, or glossy lamination sheets can be used for creating the ultimate outlook of a box.

Raised ink is used for highlighting the tagline from the rest of the text printed on the box. A precise description of the product with ingredients and instructions are mentioned in various font styles. Contrasting colors are used to print the manufacturing details. Images, sketches, and geometrical patterns are aligned beautifully for representation of the product on the box in a mesmerizing manner. Sequencing of the printing and print designing is offered free of cost to all the customers by professional graphic designers.

Intriguing Modifiable Styles

The type of box can be selected by the client. We have invented various styles of the boxes such as front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, sleeve box, auto-lock bottom box, clamshell or lid, and base type of the box. Sizes matter a lot as nobody wants clumsy packaging. lousy and large boxes are unsafe for the product also. We make customized boxes in given measurements according to the shape and size of the product.

Mesmerizing modifications can be done to the box for enhancing the beauty. Stone embellishment, attachment of pearls, sequins can be done along with the sophisticated use of ribbons. Giftboxes with die-cut windows can be made and are ideal for all occasions and special events. Handles can offer easy carrying and can also shift the weight from the base. Many different products can be packed in one box with inserts or partitions.

Ecologically Safe Boxes

It is our utmost duty to promote eco-friendly packaging. We do not make plastic packaging as it is hazardous to the environment. The packaging material that we use for the crafting of customized boxes is processed from natural sources such as softwoods.

We use

  • Kraft paper
  • Wood pulp
  • Cardboard
  • Paper stock
  • Boxboard
  • E-fluted corrugated material

Reusable boxes are can be folded easily and are readily discarded. They are decomposed into the soil naturally by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi. Quick recycling is done by the process known as biodegradation. They help in the sustainability of the ecosystem by refilling the reserves of the earth.

Cheap top-Notch Boxes

Unlike other packaging companies, we do not have inflated prices. Economical prices are enabling more companies to shift from plain boxes to custom-made boxes. Elegant boxes are cost-effective and do not only increase the number of sales but also the profit-earning margin.

Wholesale of boxes is being promoted by special discounts. Bulk buying is an energy-efficient way of trade that saves handling and management time for both parties. The client can earn more profit on every single box while manufacturers get to save the resources spent on print designing.

Choose us for incredible Services

We have an overseas free shipment policy for all the customers. Every consignment is mailed to the doorstep of the client reliably anywhere in the world. Each consignment is allocated with a specific tracking ID. Boxes can be shipped flat or assembled as per the demand of the client. Smooth communication is maintained by the customer care services.


Customized boxes are being manufactured for different industries. Colorful boxes in neon and vibrant colors are printed with hi-tech features. We empower the client to participate in the design of the box. Various alterations can be made for making the box even more stylish. Chic presentable packaging is robust and allows safe storage and transfer of products. Ecologically safe material is used for the manufacturing of individualized boxes. Innovative ideas are being utilized with free print support and tooling.

Expansion of business can be done by these eloquent boxes in fascinating styles. We provide 24/7 customer representation through which a custom template can be attained. Physical sampling for the approval of design can be demanded by the client. For further facilitation, the website is developed which provides online pricing and details about the packaging. an accessible website is regularly updated and you can get the details with just a click while being at home.


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