Dorm vs. Off-Campus Housing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dorm vs. Off-Campus Housing? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you’re thinking of going abroad for studies, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is student accommodation. Most students, specifically those who are going out of their hometown for the first time, tend to overlook the fact that selecting the correct student housing can make a huge difference to the upcoming years of their lives. Whether you decide to stay in student dorms or in off-campus accommodations, here is what you need to know before you make a decision for yourself.

You need to carefully consider the various aspects like transportation, bills, and other accompanying expenses before you make a decision regarding the type of accommodation. If you land up making a wrong decision with respect to your accommodation, your study may not only become difficult and inconvenient, it might also become very expensive. Hence, check out the following pros and cons of student dorms as well as off-campus student housing options before you choose which one to opt for.

Student dorms

Dormitory or student dorms is the on-campus accommodation offered by the college to the students. Student dorms are located within the premises of the college or university.

Advantages of living in student dorms

Closer to your classes

If you decide to live in a student dorm, you will be living on the campus. This means that you are practically in school all the time. Thus, you will always be close to your class. This eliminates the burden of commuting regularly from your house to the campus and reduces commuting costs

It’s a new experience

You will be living in off-campus accommodations for the rest of your life, but this is the time when you get to live on the campus.


Most student dormitories have amenities like rooftops, balconies for socializing as well as laundry machines. Which exact amenities will be available to you will depend on the choice of your school.

Do not have to worry about the meals

Many colleges provide an extra option to the students to opt for the meal plan. You will not have to worry about cooking or food expenses.


Security is prioritized by colleges. Most student dorms have check-in for guests as well as a doorman to keep you safe.

Disadvantages of living on campus

  • Living on campus is more expensive compared to off-campus accommodation.
  • During party season, it will be very difficult for you to stay focused on your schoolwork if you decide to live on campus
  • The choices of student housing vary with age and years as well as gender. Therefore, you may not get your accommodation of choice
  • One student dorm has multiple students. Therefore, there is no privacy.

Off-campus accommodation

If you decide to choose off-campus accommodation, you will be staying at a place that is far away from your college. Off-campus accommodations are located away from the university and are apartments, homestays, etc.

Advantages of living off-campus 

There are several advantages to living off-campus. In case you have to attend an online college, off-campus will be your only option. Following are some great benefits in favor of off-campus accommodation in UK:

Space and location

You can choose how big or small your apartment will be. Check out these apartments for rent in west palm beach fl, You can also select where you will be living. You will have complete domination over the choice of location as well as the type of apartment or student housing option. Check out these apartments for rent in thornton co


You can choose to either live alone or with roommates. Either way, your privacy is in your own hands.

Adulthood and independence

There is no better way to experience independence in adulthood than living off-campus. You will learn to manage your life and school all by yourself.

More affordable option

Off-campus living is actually cheaper than living on campus if you can locate the right place for yourself. You can also choose to live at a location that costs less

Disadvantages of living off-campus

Like everything, living off-campus also has its own disadvantages. Whether these disadvantages apply to your case or not will depend on where you live and how you live.

Away from school

If you’re looking for an inexpensive student housing option, your off-campus accommodation would be far from your campus. You will have to take into account the time and commuting cost. It is best to choose a place which has good commuting options nearby.

Responsibility increases

Student dorms have food and bills included in the cost. If you choose to live off-campus, you will have to take care of electricity, bills, internet, water, etc. This increases your responsibility but it also teaches you how to manage within a set budget.  All You Need To Know About Hiring Real Estate Agents


As was mentioned earlier, both student dorms, as well as off-campus student housing options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Where you choose to live will depend on your budget, the level of freedom you want, and finally how well can you manage responsibilities.


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