Engineering Classes: Online or Offline? – The Better Resort

Engineering Classes: Online or Offline? – The Better Resort

With the reduced cases of COVID-19 and the beginning of ‘Unlock’, regular classes are starting in schools and colleges. Nowadays the web has made its best in every field. At an equivalent time, the web is additionally appearing in large numbers within the field of education. But students attending educational institutions still have different views when it involves online classes and physical classes. While some are happy with regular classes in the colleges, some still prefer the online mode from the comfort of their homes.

Mentioned below is the difference between the two:

Differences between online classes and offline classes:

Online Mode

Online classes are mainly conducted with the assistance of the web. Platforms like Teams Google Meets and Zoom are virtual communication apps and software for this mode.

Online education is convenient wherever you would like to offer it anytime and, in any situation, and has fewer basic requirements than offline education. It is difficult to urge in-tuned with teachers with regular student interactions within the online classroom. Online education is usually preferred by non-school students also. But students learning online don’t have quick access to teachers. So, the problems of those students don’t get away quickly.

Offline Mode

In an offline class, the scholar is usually within the company of the teacher in person. Here, there’s an immediate interaction between teachers and students. Also, students can easily convey their problems to the teachers. So, the offline class benefits both the teacher and therefore the student. This is because face-to-face communication is required to create a relationship between teacher and student, and this is often possible through offline learning or offline classes.

Benefits of offline mode of education

  1. Students studying in offline classes are often required to stick to strict rules and principles established by various educational institutions. This requires students studying in offline classes to stick to a time schedule.
  2. Students who don’t have enough discipline are taught discipline alongside proper education through offline classes.
  3. Students who take education through offline mode are more likely to be more committed to their education.
  4. The issues encountered while studying or the difficulties encountered within the study are often overcome on the spot and face to face with these teachers. This creates more consistency and clarity within the students.
  5. Students with offline classes are rarely given learning materials from their teachers. So, students need to take their own notes. Such tips are probably saved by the scholars and utilized in the study after the shift.

In contrast, within the online classroom, students are taught through audio-video. And it’s through this video audio or PDF that students are given educational materials. They do not take any notes of their own. Although this might seem appropriate to the scholars, it gives them a way of accomplishment. Students don’t get within the habit of taking notes on their own. So, students become lazy.

In some parts, if there’s a drag with the web, students have difficulty learning online. As a result, students’ education or study at that point lags behind. It is also difficult for college kids to contact teachers if there’s a drag with a study.

Let’s have a look at the opinions of students from different educational/professional backgrounds regarding the matter:

Engineering students

During an interview by The Media, a few students from colleges in UP for engineering stated that offline classes are better. To be precise, this is what they said – “We can interact with our teachers and meeting face to face ensures better communication. Most importantly, offline classes help us connect with friends daily which is better than sitting alone in a room.”. Recent studies suggest that most of the students from colleges in UP for engineering prefer offline classes. They were recorded saying, “We were unable to attend practical and laboratory works for chemistry in online classes. The unstable network connection in the area where we were during the pandemic, made attending the web classes a challenge,”.

However, another group of students said that they prefer online classes as that mode allows them to take care of the house better and also attend work to earn money for supporting family financially at the same time. A very few B.Tech. students opted in favour of online classes stating, “In the present situation, maintaining social distancing remains a wise choice. The online mode enables one to take care of this issue.”

Medical students

A bunch of MBBS students said, “We prefer offline mode because practical work is inevitable in the course we are pursuing. Unlike with the offline mode where everything is virtual, here, we get to look at the patients up close and understand the topic better in regular offline classes,”.

Teachers and Professors

Assistant professor at a personal university said, “For any teacher, whether tech savvy or not, offline classes are better. However, one good thing about online media is that PDFs and PPT presentations are easily done and shown but the interactivity is livelier offline.”

In one of the colleges in UP for engineering, an Assistant professor said that “Network issues affect online teaching and only one person can speak at a time in online classes. Whereas, regular classes involve human connection, eye to eye contact and clearer communication between the teachers and students,” he said.

Final Words

Given the current situation, epidemics like corona can take place unannounced, leading to lockdowns in all parts. To avoid any harm to the scholars in such a situation, many education boards decided to launch a web education system, and this was well received by many students and parents.

While it’s difficult to settle on one between online and offline education, with the proper guidance you’re ready to decide which education is suitable for you. Besides, a new term was recently introduced in the corporate sector – Hybrid Mode. This could also be a viable option for students where they will get a mixed experience of both online and offline classes with proper scheduling and arrangement done by the concerned authorities. In fact, Hybrid would be a win-win for both the parties – favouring online and offline modes.


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