Enlighten Yourself about some Beer Facts of Spain

Enlighten Yourself about some Beer Facts of Spain

No matter which country you belong to, food and drinks are two of the most common aspects that help people connect and understand the country’s culture. 

Spain, like other countries, takes pride in its cuisine and culture. And drinks are an inseparable part of any cuisine around the world. Today, we will talk about the fantastic Spanish beer facts and provide thorough information about the best Spanish Beers.

Here are Some Exciting Beer Facts from Spain

  1. Beer is a standard drink to have during lunch and dinner. It is one of the drinks that is affordable and is commonly available.
  2. There are many varieties of beer that you can find in the country. Whether your choice is silky and smooth or solid and robust, there is something for everyone regarding beer preferences.
  3. The Spaniards’ most preferred type of beer is the standard Pale Lager, which has an alcohol content of 4 to 5 % as these drinks are consumed alongside lunch and dinner.
  4. Beer in Spain is more like a complimentary drink during conversations and meals with friends and family rather than an alcoholic beverage.

Standard Sizes of Beers in Spain

If you are to go to Spain, here are some Spanish Beer facts that you will find helpful when ordering a drink.

  • Caña: Caña is less than half a pint making it is the smallest beer size. It usually costs around 1€.

  • Doble: Doble is double the size of caña.

  • Botella de Cerveza/ Tercio: The tercio is a standard beer bottle size, usually 12 oz.

  • Pinta: Pinta is a Spanish word for a pint. It is a standard beer volume for a draft beer in Spain.

  • Jarra: Jarra is a mug or jar of beer usually served at parties. It is the biggest beer size offered in Spain.

Major Beer Brands in Spain

Here are some of the best Spanish Beers that you can have while in Spain:

  1. Mahou: The Mahou is one of the most popular brands in Spain, which launched in Madrid in 1980. San Miguel acquired the beer in 2000. This brand has a deep connection to football and is known to be associated with the sport’s culture in the country, which is why it is known to be the official beer of Real Madrid.
  2. Alhambra Reserve 1925: Alhambra Reserve brewery is the first-ever brewery from Andalusia. The beer comes in a bright green bottle and has a taste of orange and caramel, making it one of the most popular beer brands in Spain.

  3. Estrella Galicia 1906: The Estrella Galicia is known to be of superior quality. This beer has an alcohol content of 6.5% and has a solid yet refreshing flavor. This beer comes from La Coruña, a region in Galicia.

  4. Damn Inedit: This brand of beer is brewed in Barcelona. The Damn Inedit beer has creamy and potent flavor and texture and complements Spanish cuisines, especially with starters, tapas, and salads. Besides, it is known to have an intense beer and is one of the complex luxury beers of Spain.
  5. Cruzcampo:  Coming from the beautiful city of Sevilla, Cruzcampo is the biggest beer manufacturer in Spain. It is also the official sponsor of the Spanish National football team. Cruzcampo’s Gran Reserva won the world’s best beer award in 2009 in the substantial lager category award.

So, if you are planning to have the best Spanish beers, you know which brands to look for. You can get it all in the Spanish beers, from subtle notes to strong ones, from fruity and herbal flavor to hearty ones.


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