Exterior house painting contractor

Exterior house painting contractor

Painting the exterior of a home is a difficult process, but with an exterior painting contractor, the job is easier. JXF Painting Service can help you and organize everything before you get started.

First question: what needs to be done?

Painting companies like us will help you and list all the things you need to prepare before painting the house.

Here we have the most commonly recommended things:


Of course, a house has a number of “things” around the walls of the house, especially on the blind side. These can be overgrown bushes and grass, piles of firewood and tiles, building materials, furniture, bicycles or other things. As house painters Sydney, we recommend that you keep at least 1 meter of space between your items and the walls while painting.

Various plants

It is known that they have shrubs and trees that can touch the house and fences. Therefore, we advise you to cut or trim them to allow access and also so that they do not paint on the wet paint. We can take care of tying back branches as we work.

Create a plan

If you have the right conditions, you can make the job easier. We need good weather to paint outside. That’s why planning is an important consideration when it comes to exterior painting.

Electricity and water

Of course, electricity and water are the most important things in our work. The electricity helps us run our equipment, and the water is used to wash and clean our brushes.

Clean work area

Every homeowner needs to prepare their house for painting. So before you hire a painter, make sure you have a clean work area.

Remember that windows and doors that are tight before painting will likely stick after painting. It’s best to have windows and doors replaced or repaired before painting to prevent this from happening.

The paint scheme

When you hire a painting contractor to paint your house, consult with them about the colors of the house, of course. However, don’t forget to consult with them again the day before painting. This way, you can make sure that the colors match.

Exterior Hour Painting Contractors – How to choose the color?

Nowadays, most people search the internet for the colors offered by the different painting contractors that are suitable for their house. This is the best area to get started.

After that, you can go to the hardware store and look at the color charts. There are cases where the color cards look different from the colors you saw online. But don’t worry, every company knows that and will tell you the right color.

If you see the color in your environment and then imagine how it will look on 4 walls, it’s much easier if you use the sample pot.

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