Get Saving With Frittsolar

Get Saving With Frittsolar

Solar energy is a great alternative to conventional sources of energy, reducing  or even elimenating  our dependence on fossil fuels. It’s a clean, green and a renewable, source of energy.

The sun is the greatest source of energy— so how do you use it smartly?

For starters, the most easy and efficient way of harnessing the solar energy is by getting solar system panel system installed on your roof . A good rooftop solar panel system can reduce up to 90% of your electricity bill, make you energy independent and reduce your carbon footprint drastically.

Solar energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It’s not just a source of power for your space—it’s also an investment that can save you money in the long run. So without delaying know the solar panel installation cost and get solar panel installation done at your roof space and generate green and clean energy and be environment friendly.


Solar energy is a green source of energy that emits  no carbon emission when generating electricity. You can source solar energy from the solar panels that are made up of photovoltaic cells that collects sunlight and convert it into electricity. The resulting energy can be used to power anything in your home (or business!) that runs on electricity. This includes lights, appliances, televisions, and computer monitors, as well as other electronics like electric cars and even air conditioners! Unknown to many, an efficient rooftop solar system can even power heavy machinery, thereby saving industries a lot of money.

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Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective ways to offset rising utility bills and the solar panels installation cost are even very affordable. They’re also a smart investment because they last decades and there’s no fuel costs associated with using them , also , if it is powerful enough, you’ll never have to pay another utility bill again!.

Solar panels are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of electricity generation—and extremely durable and easy to maintain. Plus, there’s no fuel cost or environmental damage from using them. You’ll never have to worry about expensive maintenance or repairs either—once you’ve installed your solar panels, you’re good to go!

With solar panels-

You can cut down your electricity bill by up to 90%

Be energy independent

Make large savings

Get 2X value for your home

Be environment friendly

Before we get into the cost of solar panels, it’s important to understand how a solar panel system works and what it’s made of.

Solar Panel Components:

To be called a complete solar panel system, it needs to consist of four key components.

1) The solar panel: These grid-like structures are made of solar cells, which convert solar energy into usable electricity. These are angled towards the sun to maximise sunlight absorption.

2) Solar Inverter: The solar panel circuit is made up of direct and alternating current. A solar inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

3) Solar batteries: A solar battery stores excess energy generated during the day for use when the grid is turned off or disconnected.

4) Panel Stand: Panel stands are made of galvanized iron.These basic structures hold the panels at an angle and keep them from blowing away in high winds.

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save if you didn’t have to pay your utility bills?

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Frittsolar is a solar EPC Company that specializes in providing solar energy solutions to its customers.They help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar panels in your home or business establishments. They provide custom developed solar panels for your need and are known for most providing the most efficient solar panels to their customers.

Solar panel installation can reduce or even eliminate your utility bills, which is one of the biggest advantages. Installing solar panels immediately frees you from the clutches of energy companies .

Solar panel installations costs at a rate of 7 RS per watt. These are independent of sizes as well. If a solar panel system is of 3kW, it costs close to 21,000/-, while one of 8kW is charged at 56,000/-.

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Act now and get solar !


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