Here Is How You Can Give Your Mind a Deep Cleaning

Here Is How You Can Give Your Mind a Deep Cleaning

The past two years have been anything but usual. Pandemic, work shifts, and more stress debuted after the coronavirus outbreak. We have witnessed a failing economy, employment crisis, work and life struggles. Not to forget the consistent phase of isolation, high stress, and anxiety that resulted due to worsening health conditions and rapidly spreading virus. 

Now as the country is fighting back, we have a healing economy and a better work-life situation. In the United States alone, there is a 22% drop in coronavirus cases. The current situation is encouraging people to overcome the fears and anxiety prevailing since the pandemic. 

If you have been encountering a high level of stress and anxiety, and finding it hard to overcome then we are here to help you.

To give your brain a break and a reboot you can start doing a lot of things, some that we have mentioned below. 


Try Practicing Mindfulness

Apart from the pandemic-induced stress, there are many factors that keep your thoughts clogged. Stressful work life and personal grievances can cause unnecessary thoughts to pile up in your brain. This situation causes unwanted mental stress.

So, if you feel that your brain is not operating smoothly, there are activities that push your brain to stay active, present, and focused. 

Brain exercises help in directing your brain into paying attention to tasks that require focus. For instance, if your co-worker is explaining complicated details to you, you will be able to take a lot more interest in the information rather than just shrugging it off. 



Mindfulness meditation has proven to be beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to sit with your clogged thoughts, acknowledge them, and then finally let them go. 


Focus Breathing

If you often feel overwhelmed with the situations around you, then you can start practicing focus breathing. Slowing down your breathing can help you in getting to the order. Try breathing slowly, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling the breath. Try doing this at least 10 times, on repeat. 


Building Curiosity

Sometimes it becomes hard for us to focus on the trigger points of our negative thoughts. Most of the time we let our minds immerse in the pool of thoughts without questioning the core reasons for their development. If you feel this way as well, you should try building curiosity around your feelings. Try understanding what triggered your disturbing thoughts and how you can fix them. 


Do What you Like

You can read tons of books, lectures, and blogs to know what helps in de-stressing yourself. However, sometimes you need to let yourself experience some new things to figure out what helped you in relinquishing negative thoughts. 

Sometimes a feel-good TV show can be a lot more comfortable to watch than mediation. Except you need to make sure you have the right TV and Internet Package before expecting comfort from this source. 

Similarly, sleeping on your thoughts can help bring a lot more comfort than building curiosity around them. 


Do Not Pressure Yourself

If you want to decrease stress and anxiety in your life, you need to first be easy on yourself. Do not force yourself to come up with a solution. Everyone has their own way to deal with clogged thoughts. All you need to do is try to find your way. 


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