Here’re Five Tips to Select the Best SEO Outsourcing Agency

Here’re Five Tips to Select the Best SEO Outsourcing Agency

Websites displayed on the first page in search results capture 71 percent of user clicks. Thus, search engine optimization elements need to be in place to get the best spot in results.

As you are here, we can presume you have the basic knowledge of search engine optimization. You certainly want more traffic for your business website. Outsourcing your SEO strategy can prove to be a wise decision.

Need guidance in choosing the best professional SEO services firm? You have reached the right place. First, let’s get the basics straight to ensure you do not choose the wrong guys for your project.

  1. Severe consequences of unethical SEO

Unethical methods or Black Hat SEO techniques can cause irreparable damage. Cheating algorithms with manipulative marketing tactics is not possible anymore. Unfortunately, some firms ignore warnings from Google. They use shortcuts and promise great results.

Taking a shortcut can lead to three devastating consequences:

  • Negative impact on search engine rankings

Google penalizes unethical practices starting from keyword-level penalties to delisting the entire website.

Action can be taken automatically by the algorithm or by a human team member.

Your awesome-performing page can die within seconds if Google deletes it from rankings. Overall, consequences can be too damaging for the organization.

  • An abrupt and significant drop in traffic

Unethical practices can get good results for a few days. However, these happy days do not last much longer.

Algorithm update or manual review from Google can result in an abrupt drop in traffic. Unfortunately, recovering from this drop won’t be easy later, even if you change your digital marketing agency.

  • Impact on-site authority

Black Hat SEO results in a poor user experience. Audiences get tricked into clicking a link for your site.

Website visitors perceive your business negatively. Why won’t they? After all, they do not get what they were looking for. Again, this can cause a long-term impact and harm brand identity.

  1. Ensure your house is in order

Are you considering the drawbacks of opting for a free platform with themes and plugins instead of a professionally developed website?

Don’t even think of it.

Your website’s design impacts digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and sales.

You might need to spend a few dollars more to design a quality website. It’s undoubtedly worth it. That’s because studies suggest 93 percent of visitors prefer to leave poorly designed sites within seconds.

The best SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy can fail due to a poorly designed website.

Such sites have technical errors, slow loading speeds, broken links, and crawling issues. They ultimately fail in-page experience update signals. How does your business benefit when you opt for the best SEO practices

Trouble-shoot your site before approaching the agency. SEO analysis tools can help in detecting errors on your website.

Essentials for offering a pleasant user experience:

  • Simple design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Appropriate use of white space
  • Minimal distractions in the form of pop-ups, sound, and embedded video
  • Light background
  • Pages should not take more than 2.5 seconds to load
  • Buttons, links, and images should not change position while browsing
  1. Failure in appreciating the long-term perspective

Fastidiously created online content and careful planning are the keys to SEO best practices. You also need insights on choosing business intelligence (BI) and search engine optimization tools. Overall, it’s time-consuming and tedious work.

What about shortcuts? Well, as pointed out earlier, shortcut routes lead to penalties.

Whether you handle it in-house or delegate the responsibility to an outsourcing firm, search engine optimization remains a long-term project.

Don’t expect drastic changes; you may get fewer results initially. But the campaign will help your website in retaining rankings consistently.

Shortsightedness won’t lead you anywhere. SEO is a constant procedure. Remember, you cannot pause it in between to save money.

Most reported reasons behind SEO campaign failure: 

  • Using outdated tactics
  • Focusing on long-tail keywords alone
  • Building poor links
  • Absence of analytics and goal tracking
  • Not using social media ads
  • Limited budget for SEO and advertising despite being in a too competitive niche
  • Pausing SEO campaign
  • Ignoring target audience
  • Expecting results overnight
  1. Quick tips for choosing a potential outsourcing partner

Does someone promise incredible results and a spectacular rise in traffic within a week? If so, you should avoid working with the agency as SEO is not magic. The decision to choose an SEO firm can have a significant impact on your bank account and business.

A quick look at factors that you should consider while choosing an agency:

  • Check if the agency has knowledge and experience in working for firms in your industry.
  • Go through the list of other services offered by the agency.
  • Voice search and local SEO expertise is a must.
  • Read reviews and client testimonials about the firm on third-party business review sites.
  • It is ideal to choose an agency that has had success over time. Thus, seek records for past results.
  • Check the agency’s preferred communication methods. Speak to leaders, account managers and ensure they are readily available to clarify your doubts.
  1. Transparency in charges and performance reporting

Agencies may charge for various SEO procedures differently. Get quotes for monthly, quarterly plans. You can consider opting for services to get weaker areas strengthened first if you have a limited budget.

Your SEO partner should maintain transparency. From on-page technical aspects to link sharing, or guest posting, they should be willing to share details for everything they do.

Agencies provide daily, weekly, or monthly reporting options. Opting for regular reporting can help you look at their daily activities and results for the same.


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