Here’s How To Style Your Sneakers Like A True Sneakerhead

Here’s How To Style Your Sneakers Like A True Sneakerhead

Jordans are no longer just basketball shoes, they are a style statement that sets you apart from the crowd. They’re a classic piece of footwear that embodies street style and appeals to everyone from athletes and fans to sneakerheads and fashionable gentlemen. While you’ll still see them on the court with shorts, they’re just as likely to be seen on the street with a pair of jeans.


In fact, pairing Jordans with jeans is more difficult than it appears. After all, there are a slew of factors to consider, including style, colour, and shape. As a result, we’ve put up this advice on how to wear Jordans with jeans to help you achieve the right balance of casual and stylish.


How to Wear Jordans with Jeans WIthout Ruining Either Styles


Go For Slim Jeans

Jordans look well with narrow jeans because of their hefty appearance. A slender cut achieves a complimentary look by establishing a feeling of balance between your shoes and your jeans. While thin jeans are typically the best option, they aren’t the only one. Straight-leg and slim designs can also work if you balance them out with what you wear on the upper half of your body.


Let The Shoes Stand Out

Jordan sneakers are meant to stand out with their amazing patterns and colours. Allow them to do so by pairing them with a basic wardrobe including classic forms, simple fabrics, and neutral colours. This will ensure that your clothing isn’t competing for attention and that all eyes are on your fantastic footwear.


Keep The Colorway in Mind

Jordan Sneakers are available in a wide range of vibrant colours and designs. While this might result in a stunning statement look, it can also make selecting an ensemble more challenging. After all, no man who knows fashion would want his expensive sneakers to clash with his look. Play it safe and stick to neutral hues like navy, black, white, and grey to guarantee your complete outfit is as stylish as your shoes.


Outfits That Pair Well With Jordans


Skinny Jeans And Jordans

A trendy street style appearance may be achieved by wearing Jordans with skinny jeans. The trick to pulling off this look is to make sure your jeans fit close to the leg without seeming skintight or spray-on. Both black and white skinny jeans may look great, especially when coupled with a casual jacket and a pair of bright Jordans.


Slim Jeans And Jordans

Slim jeans are frequently the easiest option to pair with Jordans due to their basic design. They not only look well with chunkier, traditional Jordans, but they also look good with more current, thin versions. Furthermore, because of their delicate design, they allow you to wear a range of top styles. You may confidently wear an oversized tee or a slim-fit shirt and fitted jacket.


Straight Jeans And Jordans

Straight jeans and Jordans are a great combination for a laid-back weekend style. If you’re wearing these pants with a pair of mid- or high-top sneakers, tuck them in. After all, after spending so much money on sneakers, you’ll want to show them off in style. Also, make sure your jeans aren’t too big or you’ll come off as sloppy and out of date.


Ripped Jeans And Jordans

Outfits that pair torn jeans with Jordans may appear genuinely edgy when they combine athletic inspirations with a whole lot of attitude. The edgy streetwear combination is ideal for gentlemen who want a rough-around-the-edges look and may be worn with any colour of trousers. Remember to keep your outfit simple up top and avoid vividly patterned Jordans, which may appear too much with ripped jeans.


Blue Jeans And Jordans

If you want to go for a classic streetwear style with your Jordans, go for a pair of blue jeans. Jordans look casual and athletic when paired with blue denim and may be worn for a variety of casual events. Allow the colour of your sneakers to help you when selecting a blue hue. Dark and rich colours, such as red and black, go well with dark blue jeans, while light colours, such as white and grey, go well with gentler shades. Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe For Health


Black Jeans And Jordans

Consider pairing a pair of Jordans with black jeans for a trendy look with a little attitude. Black jeans, whether narrow, slim, or straight, will quickly give your casual look a rock-and-roll edge. All-black or monochrome clothes, in particular, tend to seem fashionable and stylish. They also make it simple to flaunt your fantastic Jordans, regardless of hue.


Grey Jeans And Jordans

Grey jeans are a true hidden gem which makes them not as popular as blue or black jeans, but they may still look great when paired with Jordan sneakers. These jeans, in particular, look great with white and black Jordans because of the tonal contrast. They can, however, look well with grey designs if there is a big contrast between the two tones.


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