Here’s Insights into Benefits of a White-Label Taxi Software

Here’s Insights into Benefits of a White-Label Taxi Software

There is a significant change in the ride-hailing & taxi industry. Gone are those days when people had to wait for a taxi waving to the cabs/taxis and drivers had to drive for miles for rides. Through the taxi-booking app, people can now book taxis sitting from their couches. Eventually, the drivers get rides from their nearby locations. It not only benefits both of them, but it also benefits the one who is already running a traditional taxi business.

In the fast-paced digital world, the betterment in technology is one of the foremost reasons for the surge in demands of mobile apps for every basic need. Significantly, taxi apps play a vital role in everyone’s day-to-day lives. This is why traditional taxi business owners aim to take their business to the next level by launching their taxi-booking apps.

Do you want to take a leap into the ride-hailing industry? Then, white-label taxi software will be the perfect solution.

What Is White-Label Taxi Software?

White-label taxi software is crafted in such a way that it encompasses the basic features of taxi-booking apps, framing the typical functionality. Being a pre-built solution, this can be customized depending on the individual business requirements.

Apart from these, it can be rebranded with the logo, brand name, and tagline, having the ownership of your business. Also, it supports the integration of third-party services based on your business model.

Opting for a white-label taxi solution rather than developing a taxi app from the beginning will be more beneficial for entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners. One among them is it will facilitate you to embark on a taxi business with an app instantly. Moreover, it is readily available for Android & iOS at a reasonable price.

How Does A White-Label Taxi Booking App Function?

A white-label taxi booking app comprises three major components, namely a passenger app, a driver app, and an admin panel. The functionality of each component varies as a feature-set integrated into these are different. Have a glimpse at how the taxi app works.

  • A passenger app

The one who needs to avail of the taxi service should create their account in the app. They have to finish the initial sign-up process by providing necessary information like email addresses and phone numbers.

Given location access, users can search for nearby cabs and request a ride service. Upon the acceptance of drivers, passengers can track the movement of drivers and the estimated time of reach to their pick-up location. After the ride, they can put reviews and ratings on the behavior of the drivers.

  • A driver app

Unquestionably, drivers are the mainstay of taxi businesses. Given opportunities, drivers can sign up with the app and upload required documents for verification. Upon getting incoming ride requests, drivers can accept or decline based on their availability or convenience.

With the help of Route Optimization, they can locate the passengers’ pick-up location and ride through, thereby preferring the shortest route. The taxi app integrated with the GPS will be beneficial when the drivers are unsure about the destination location. This is because the app will guide them to reach their destination as soon as possible.

  • An admin panel

The admin (taxi business owner) is responsible for managing the entire business operations in real-time. The admin panel will empower you to monitor registered drivers’ activities alongside getting analytics reports. Apart from this, the admin can check out their earnings and manage the payments of drivers seamlessly.

With the help of the analytics dashboard and getting in-depth insights, the admin can take necessary actions to grow a successful taxi business. The fact is that without a dynamic admin panel, it is tedious to handle the business operations in a seamless & smooth way.

Essential Features to Consider During White-Label Taxi Booking App Development

As mentioned earlier, features are a cornerstone of the app that opens the way to frame the functionality as you want to. The typical functionality requires the following features. Have a look at it.

  • Profile

The white-label taxi software facilitates the users to create their profiles with basic information. Furthermore, they can modify their profile details like an email address or contact number at any time.

  • Fare estimation

It is quite essential for the users as they can know the estimated fare before taking up the ride. The price varies with the choice of vehicle types and the distance to be traveled. To know the fare estimation, they have to specify the pick-up location and destination location.

  • Real-time updates

The users will receive updates in real-time regarding the status of taxi booking, acceptance of ride requests, and similar others. Sending in-app push notifications is an effective way to retain app users, increasing users’ engagement.

  • Payment options

A plethora of payment options is available for the passengers’ convenience. Besides offering a cash-on-delivery option, be wise enough to provide digital payment options. This will let the passengers make swift payment transactions without any hassles.

  • Schedule rides

The incorporation of this feature will facilitate the passengers to schedule their rides in advance. It is favorable for them as they can plan beforehand.  Top 10 automobile companies in USA

  • Maps integration

The integration of Google Maps will enable the drivers to choose the best-optimized route. Despite this, it will help them to reach the pickup location or destination location without delay.

  • Accept/decline incoming ride requests

The taxi app will notify the drivers instantly when the users raise the ride requests. Upon receiving, the drivers have an option to either accept or decline these based on their availability.

4 Benefits ofa White-Label Taxi App for Your Business

If you have aspirations to enter the ride-hailing & taxi industry, opting for a white-label taxi solution will be an ideal decision that you ever make now in this decade Or, if you run a traditional taxi business, then it has become necessary to have a taxi-booking app. This is because times have changed when people have adapted to using mobile apps for getting what they want at their doorsteps.

Let’s see a few of the benefits of white-label taxi booking app development.

  • Brand Visibility

The reality is today’s generation mostly relies on smartphones. However, millions of people across many countries are using taxi-booking apps for booking a ride. So, a business with mobile apps gets wider visibility. For instance, Uber is known by its brand to extensive audiences across more than 80 countries worldwide.

  • Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

The aggregator-based business model gives you the way to earn through multiple revenue streams. One such simplest yet effective way to make a steady income flow from the taxi app is commission charges levied from the registered drivers on every ride. With minimal investment in a white-label taxi solution, there is a wider opportunity for your business to gain maximum profits in a short span.

  • Enhance customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction is most requisite for a successful business. Therefore, you should focus on increasing your customers’ loyalty with your offerings. For example, you can offer promo codes for users who frequently use your app.

With the analytics report, knowing the customers’ demands and preferences, you can take necessary measures to fulfill theirs. This seems to be effective for gaining the customers base. Moreover, collecting customers’ feedback and resolving their queries will enhance their loyalty.

  • Competitive niche

A taxi business is so common as everyone owns it in today’s generation and therefore the competition is thriving day by day. Standing out among them is most important. The one who runs the taxi business can leverage the chance to grow it by launching a fully functional taxi app. However, having unique selling propositions will distinguish your app from your competitors.

Final summary

The concept of online taxi booking has become fundamental in the current generation. However, it is well-known that the ride-hailing & taxi sector is thriving with each passing year. Are you a young aspiring entrepreneur or an owner of a traditional taxi business? Opt for white-label taxi software, empowering you to launch a taxi app in no time.


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