How a Local SEO Consultant Will Help You Boost Business

How a Local SEO Consultant Will Help You Boost Business

As the world moves more in the direction of digital commerce, it might seem as though traditional avenues of conducting business and reach target markets have fallen by the wayside, but this is not the case.

Consumers are still patronizing local businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses. They still need a place to live, after all. It’s simply the case that people find these businesses along new avenues, introducing a new age of digital marketing, emphasizing local search engine optimization.

For location-bound and brick-and-mortar businesses and franchises, this shift in the market makes local SEO services imperative. In 2021, much of local optimization efforts will be devoted to optimizing a Google My Business listing, but more goes into it than that – including optimizing directories and engaging in reputation management.

Here’s how a Local SEO Consultant can benefit your business – and which businesses need them.

  • Better local online presence

Like any SEO campaign, a local SEO strategy will aim to boost your rankings for competitive keywords. The difference between local SEO campaigns and national SEO campaigns is that a local SEO company will specifically target the right keywords to boost your business’s visibility in your area.

Competing for a limited pool of business in the modern era, in a limited area, particularly one with growing competition, is tough. A local SEO agency can help optimize your listings, particularly your GMB listing so that you rank more prominently on Google Maps.

  • Not just any traffic – the right traffic

One of the great things about a local SEO consultant is that they will not just target any keywords to get any local traffic to visit your physical storefront.

While you do want to be driving traffic to your brick and mortar location, there’s no sense in targeting customers that ultimately won’t make a purchase, which is where the value of search intent comes into play alongside location.

  • Focus on intent to buy and location

A local marketing agency will probably devise a local SEO package for your business that includes target keywords with epithets such as “in XYZ” or “near me” or “near [your city here]. Sometimes it is necessary to target these keywords – but the location is only a part of the picture.

It is also necessary to focus on keywords closely aligned with user intent to purchase. That means that your local SEO consultant will not simply try to optimize your website for local listings, but for local listings associated with keyword queries that represent highly qualified customers who are on the cusp of purchasing your products or services – if they can find you.

  • Help manage customer expectations and encourage good customer relationship management practices

In addition to performing detailed keyword research and boosting your local listings to the tops of the local search results, a local SEO consultant may also help you manage your local reputation and customer relationships, through social media, local reviews, and more.

Who Benefits the Most from Local SEO Consultants?

The following types of organizations are among those most typically in need of highly targeted, carefully planned local SEO campaigns.

  • Doctors, dentists, optometrists, and other medical specialists
  • Legal services and law offices
  • Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, general contractors
  • Hairstylists, cosmetologists, salons, and tailors
  • Bars, restaurants, caterers, and other location bound food service providers
  • Landscapers, arborists, and property managers
  • Real estate businesses and agents and home inspectors
  • Construction companies
  • All other brick and mortar shops or service providers
  • And any other businesses dependent on location-bound products or services

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