How Could A Virtual Number Solve The Privacy Problem of A Business?

How Could A Virtual Number Solve The Privacy Problem of A Business?

Virtual numbers are succeeding like never before, and there is a huge demand to buy virtual numbers. Many big and small companies are adopting the solution to streamline their communication process and bring more efficiency into their call operations. Apart from the several features, the solution offers one characteristic that provides value-added service- solving the privacy problem of a business.

So, how does it work? Let’s discuss the capabilities of the virtual contact number, how it addresses the data privacy problem and how you can get a virtual phone number from the best provider.

Data branches happen because of data exposure to third parties. Today cyber crimes are on the rise because criminals are adopting new ways to commit fraud. If data is not protected, they get access and misuse it for their illicit gains. The virtual no hides/ masks the actual details of the callers and the recipients.

This way, the solution ensures zero data leakage and prevents the data from being exposed. But if the data is not visible, criminals cannot misuse data. The virtual number comes with the number masking feature, which allows for masking the customers’ true identities.

With zero data leakage, agents cannot view the contact details, and neither the third parties can do so. So, the data is protected. The masking happens by hiding the actual information or shuffling the contact numbers.

Either way, the data is hidden from the third party. The agents or representatives who speak to the customers directly and interdepartmental employees also cannot view the details. So, the software helps in protecting the privacy of the customers and prevents it from being misused.

Customers can speak to the company’s representative without fearing data misuse. So, it’s best to buy virtual numbers to boost data security.

What are The Additional Benefits of The Virtual Number Solution?

Data privacy is one of the advantages that the solution offers. There are several additional benefits the virtual no provides to businesses.

Lead generation: The virtual number helps in better lead generation. Businesses can track the inbound and outbound calls and know about every business opportunity. The agents can nurture the leads and get the maximum possible conversions. The agents can classify the best ones, and the business can allocate adequate resources for better conversion rates. So, if they get a virtual phone number, they can boost the company’s profitability.

Better Operational efficiency:  The virtual number solution paves the way to improve operational efficiency. Companies can route the calls to specific agents based on factors like callers’ history, issues, and availability. They can connect the most appropriate agent to the customer and provide better CX.

Better decision making: A virtual no is a cloud-based number that allows for streamlining business communication. It enables to make better business decisions. The software provides real-time data insights offering a comprehensive view of the call operations. With complete visibility of the call operations, businesses can understand the agents’ performance and measure it against different KPIs. Also, they can know about the most common issues faced by their customers regularly. With such valuable information, the management can make better decisions in the organisation’s interest.

Omnipresence: Businesses can constantly keep in touch with their customers by connecting them beyond working hours. They can forward the calls received on mobile phones and landlines and connect with them to resolve their queries. Their solution helps them create an omnipresence, which they need to stay connected to their target audience.

Multi-lingual support: A company can deliver better customer support in multiple languages. It can provide better CX by communicating with the customers in their preferred language and providing them a better understanding of the message it wants to convey.


Virtual numbers offer several benefits to a business. It solves the problem of data security and protects the customers’ interests. So, if you want to buy a virtual number, you can highly consider Knowlarity– one of the best cloud telephony companies in India that offer the solution at the best prices. Knowlarity is a top choice of more than 6000 organisations in 65+ countries. It strives to serve its customers with excellence with its wide range of high-quality cloud-based products.

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