How Does A Lack Of Reading Skills Affect The Ability To Study?

How Does A Lack Of Reading Skills Affect The Ability To Study?

Early childhood education is very crucial for every child. Be it getting the basic concepts cleared or learning new skills, these are the years when the foundation of a child’s future is laid. If we do not ensure to lay a solid base, most likely, the child is going to face its consequences in the future. According to the researchers and experts, “Lack of basic literacy and numeracy skills in the early learning years, bears long-lasting consequences for the child as well as the society in the future.

And it is not just the parents or the school that has to contribute to building this base. Basically, everyone around the child is responsible for what the kid learns and what skills he develops in the early years. Kindergarten starts at a later stage, but even before that, the parents or the kids learning centre that helps in early childhood education can play a vital role in building a child’s academic life.

The one big question that troubles every parent is – How does lack of reading affect the ability to study? Here is the answer to this.

Impact of Lack Of Reading Skills

The fact that reading skills are important for any child’s growth and success in school and overall life cannot be ignored. And as stated earlier, it is not the school that helps in developing these reading skills. Literacy skills or language is the most powerful skill that humans have. And reading skills is one of the best ways to master language and literacy.

If reading skills are developed at an early age of the child it helps in brain development, boosts creativity, builds imagination, supports cognitive development, improves vocabulary and language skills and increases concentration and discipline.

Below are a few reasons how lack of reading affects the ability to study.

1.     Everyday Of Early Childhood Education Matters:

Before starting kindergarten, a child should know basic reading, numbers, calculations, identifying objects, shapes, colours, etc. A child’s brain develops very rapidly from birth till the age of 5. As a parent, you might think that your child is too young to understand and grasp academic knowledge. But it is not so. Actually, according to the experts, this is the right time to build the base of literacy, numeracy, cognitive skills and overall character.

2.     Impact Of Reading On Children:

According to research conducted on children with good reading skills and non-readers, it was concluded that those who lack reading skills face academic, social and emotional issues. Non-readers often struggle with low confidence and self-esteem. Kids who do not have good reading skills also encounter difficulties in coping up with the general academic curriculum because it is through reading that you get the knowledge of all other subjects.

3.     Child Feels Empathetically Low:

Children who lack reading skills also struggle with developing an emotional connection and sharing feelings or showing empathy. Reading helps in building imagination and creativity. When kids read storybooks, they travel to the world of imagination, which helps them to develop deep understanding, build emotions and see the world from a different perspective. Reading skills help the children to empathise with the people around them and gain a greater sense of emotions.

4.     Non-Readers Lack Strong Relationships:

Since children who lack reading skills have difficulty in building emotions and connecting with people. They struggle to express their feelings and hence also fall behind in building strong relationships. On the other hand, children who develop reading skills create a bond with everyone around them. When parents or educators read to the children, they establish a special connection, which further strengthens their relationship.

In conclusion, reading skills are very important not just for academic growth. But the overall growth of the child. At times, it may be difficult for the parents to dedicate extra time and attention to their children and develop their reading skills. The best way to overcome this problem is, enrol them into English learning classes or early childhood education centres that pay special attention to each child. Kumon is one such kids learning centre that offers curated and personalised English Reading programs to bring out the potential of every child. Attend the Parent Orientation and Free Assessment programme to know more about the Kumon Method Of Teaching.


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