How is Number Masking Used by Businesses Across Industries?

How is Number Masking Used by Businesses Across Industries?

We all value our privacy – be it offline or online. Enterprises should respect that too. The rise in privacy concerns has led businesses to shift to a new paradigm. Enterprises ensure that their customers’ data do not go into the wild. Various public and private sectors are taking steps to conceal customer data and prevent data leakage, and the call center solutions are no different. They have started leveraging number masking or call masking solutions to protect customers’ phone numbers from getting leaked. This article will give a holistic view of how businesses use number masking solutions across various industries.

What is Number Masking?

Number masking is a number-concealing technique that protects customers’ privacy by masking their original phone numbers with a dummy one while communicating. The dummy or virtual number pops up to the agent whenever the customer calls the customer care executives. Businesses use this call masking feature in call center solutions to protect privacy and security. Various sectors like e-commerce, healthcare organizations, and online marketplaces that resolve customer queries and issues must leverage call masking services.

A research report by Industry Arc highlights that the call masking software market will surpass 1.3 billion USD by 2025. It will project a compound annual growth rate of 14.6 percent from 2020 to 2025. There are numerous benefits of number masking. It boosts online marketing campaigns, builds trust, increases potential business leads, and helps businesses comply with privacy regulations.

How are Various Industries Using Call Masking Solutions?

Since different types of businesses have gone digital and serve people online, customers also reach them through their phone numbers or other digital means. For driving customer communication safely and effectively, different industries are employing Number Masking solutions.

i. Ride-sharing app:

Transport, ride-sharing and cab services leverage the call masking solutions. Some use it as a built-in feature within the customer care system. Others separately integrate it within the existing solution by purchasing from number masking solution providers like Knowlarity. Number masking benefits both ways. So, if the customer calls the cab driver, the cab driver cannot see the original customer number. Similarly, the customer cannot find the driver’s actual phone number.

ii. Healthcare firms:

Patient data privacy has become a global concern. Healthcare providers use call masking to protect the privacy of their patients when communicating with them via phone. Here also, the number masking benefits both ways. Through number masking, the healthcare provider and patients can ensure that their personal information is kept private and secure. If the healthcare firm redirects the call to a specific doctor, the call masking solution conceals the doctor’s number and customers cannot see it. The healthcare sector also uses number masking to align the firm with HIPAA regulations.

iii. E-commerce industry:

Online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms are massive adopters of call masking solutions. E-commerce firms use call masking to enable secure and anonymous communication between buyers and sellers. Through the masked number, sellers can communicate with buyers asking for queries and doubts about different products. Such conversation will not reveal their phone numbers and protect privacy both ways. Again, online shopping sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, or other B2C and D2C brands also use number-masking solutions. When customers call them for queries or product issues, the customers’ numbers get anonymized before reaching the agents.

iv. Logistics companies:

Like the other industries, logistics industries also have to contact customers and clients. To track conversions and item deliveries, seller companies communicate with the other party through text messages or calls. The call-masking solution masks the delivery agent’s original phone number. Therefore, when the buyer sees the text message or phone call, they can see the virtual/spoofed number. The same happens vice versa.

v. Various other industries, like the banking or financial industry, the online food delivery industry, the on-demand service industry, the call center service industry, dating apps, marriage apps, etc., use number masking solutions for secure and privacy-centric communication between brands and customers.


We hope this article catered to a holistic view of the top industries that use call masking solutions. In this technology-driven business era, neglecting customer privacy can be risky for businesses and customers both. So, if you want a number masking solution, contact Knowlarity – the leading customer care and call center solution provider at an affordable cost.

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