How to Choose an Electric Spin Scrubber for Your Home?

How to Choose an Electric Spin Scrubber for Your Home?

Sometimes cleaning can be time-consuming, tedious and boring. The electric spin scrubber has revolutionised our lives with its unique and innovative design and efficient functionality.It effectively saves us time and helps us to get our chores done quickly.

What is an electric spin scrubber?

An electric spin scrubber is a multi-purpose tool that removes dirt, stains and mould through the high frequency vibration of the brush head.

What are electric spin scrubberes used for?

Object surfaces

Flat surfaces such as floors can be cleand with electric spin scrubberes. If you do not want to leave scratches, use a soft brush head and do not apply too much force so as not to damage the brush head.


Drains are often dirty and difficult to clean. It is also disgusting when your hands come into direct contact with hair or dirt.


Bathrooms are always a gathering place for dirt, mould and soap residue. An electric spin scrubber can effectively clean flat surfaces, sinks and bathtubs.

Corners and crevices

You can use a pointed brush to clean corners and crevices.


An electric spin scrubber not only cleans kitchen worktops, but also removes stubborn dirt from cookware.

How do I choose the best electric spin scrubber?

Scrubbing the sink and bathroom can be exhausting, but a good electric spin scrubber can save you hours of your day. A good electric spin scrubber will clean floors, bathroom tiles and kitchen sinks quickly.


The electric spin scrubber comes with different brush heads, e.g. a large brush head, a small brush head, a round brush and a pointed brush, each with different functions for different applications.

  • Hard flat brushes for large contact surfaces (e.g. on the floor)
  • Small flat brush for cleaning smaller surfaces in ovens and showers, kitchens, grease, cookers, grills
  • Corner round brush for bathrooms
  • Pointed brushes for tile joints, edges, corners, crevices and narrow places

Hardness of the brush

electric spin scrubberes are usually offered with different brush heads and in different degrees of hardness. For delicate surfaces you need a soft brush head, while stubborn stains and mouldy corners require a harder and more robust head.

Rotation speed

Different models of electric spin scrubberes have different rotation speeds, and the stronger the brush, the faster it usually spins. Choose a brush with a rotation speed of at least 300 revolutions per minute to clean your home more effectively.


Telescopic arm: The best electric spin scrubberes usually have an adjustable telescopic arm to reach hard-to-reach corners.

Non-slip handle: The non-slip handle helps keep the scrubber in your hand so it doesn’t slide around in the bath or shower.

Material: The handle is usually made of durable metal or plastic and will not break or bend, even with vigorous scrubbing.


If you plan to use the scrubber in a sink, drain or cleaner, it must be waterproof. Make sure the electric spin scrubber is waterproof and splashproof before you use it.


Most electric spin scrubberes are cordless and powered by lithium-ion batteries. Battery-powered devices can be used anywhere, but occasionally need to be recharged or the batteries replaced.

Battery life should be considered. Some electric spin scrubberes can be used continuously for 180 minutes after a charge to clean the whole house. When choosing a battery-powered model, look at the battery life to ensure you can finish cleaning on a single charge.

Additional features

Some electric spin scrubberes offer additional features, such as an LED light that prevents the power from going out during cleaning and makes maintenance easier.


Many electric spin scrubberes offer different brush heads for different uses, such as large brush heads for cleaning large areas, small brush heads for corners and details, rounded brushes for bathtubs and pointed brushes for cleaning dirt in nooks and crannies.

Before you buy an electric spin scrubber, read the product description carefully to see if it meets your needs. With the detailed information above and an understanding of the uses and functions of electric spin scrubberes, you are sure to find the right brush for you.


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