How to choose the right Dynamics Integration Partner?

How to choose the right Dynamics Integration Partner?

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics system with existing business resources is a significant and complex task, which is also crucial to your business growth. That’s why choosing the right Dynamics integration partner should be your priority, since it’s a type of project where you would like to have everything done perfectly the first time around. An inexperienced vendor handling the integration project may further complicate things (which are already complex), wasting time and thousands of dollars without delivering any solution.

So, when you are ready to expand your business to the next level with Dynamics integration, you should start with diligently choosing the right integration partner. Here in this blog, we have come up with some of the important aspects that you should check for in an integration partner to make the right choice.

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics Integration Partner!

Remember, Microsoft Dynamics integration is a crucial, complex, and costly project; thereby, you shouldn’t shy away from asking tough questions and scrutinizing all aspects of the integration partner before awarding the project.

–         Previous Systems Integration Experience

It’s always helpful if the microsoft dynamics partner vendor has previous similar experience for systems integration, particularly dynamics integration. Systems integration is always a complex job for any vendor, and the same is true for Dynamics integration. The process involves more complexities involved in the process than one can imagine, and without adequate experience, the process may only further complicate due to the slightest of negligence.

With an experienced vendor, you will feel more confident during the integration process since the vendor would understand the intricacies of the process and how to overcome any arising complexity.

–         Experience with eCommerce and Retail

Apart from system integration experience, any prior experience working with retail and ecommerce businesses will be an added bonus. That’s because understanding multichannel selling inside and out is completely different as compared to other business models with distinctive requirements and recommended practices. For instance, integrating dynamics into the retail store involves specific requirements like cross-channel inventory visibility, drop shipping, location fulfillment, etc. Thereby, it’s only helpful if your integration partner has prior experience in dealing with these issues and delivering a custom solution that meets your store’s requirements.

–         Proven Integration Practice

As mentioned earlier, Dynamics integration is a complex process with lots of intricacies involved. That’s why it is highly recommended to work with an integration partner that has proven integration systems and experience to support you at times when you need it.

If you alternatively go with a single developer who wrote all the code and performed integration for the project, it may be hard for that one developer to support and maintain the project in the long run. The problem with this approach is that in case of any emergency, if that one developer isn’t available, you would be tied to a hardcoded solution, which would be difficult to custom/manage by other vendors.

Thereby, always choose a reliable and experience Integration Company with proven systems and processes in place, and that can offer you off-the-shelf solutions and customize them as and when you require.

–         Offers pre-built connectors

To make it even better, look out for integration partners that offer pre-built connectors for Dynamics integration. Since most businesses need systems integration, many experienced and expert agencies have developed in-house pre-built connectors to simplify the integration process. These connectors can easily integrate Dynamics systems like NAV, GP, and others as per unique business requirements.

–         Customizable Pre-built Connectors 

Taking on from the previous points, while pre-built connects are great to simplify and streamline the otherwise complex Dynamics 365 integration process, these aren’t always the right solution for business needs. Thereby, when you choose a company that offers pre-built connectors, make sure the company is able to customize the connectors to meet your integration needs. To make it even better, see if the vendor offers self-help tools like data mapping since it will enable you to make changes to the system yourself without waiting and paying for the vendor.

–         Support

Lastly, make sure the vendor you choose for integration offers robust and round-the-clock support for the integration solution. As mentioned above, it’s highly recommended to go with a reliable and reputed company since they will have a complete team of developers and support staff to handle the integration process and any subsequent support requirement. Alternatively, going with a freelance integration expert may leave you to linger for support since the person may not always be available.


To sum it up, to effectively manage and leverage the full potential for dynamic integration, you need to choose the right vendor. Your ideal vendor will have the experience and expertise to handle the project smoothly and offer consistent support when you need one.


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