Importance Of Mental Health

Importance Of Mental Health

When we talk about mental health the first thing that comes to our mind is emotion. Your mental health how much well it depends on how much you are emotionally well. It includes our physiological, emotional, and social well bring. Mental health depends on how we think, feel, and act. Mental health is important at every single stage in our life. Childhood to adult everyone’s mental health is so important.

1.  Signs that are unhealthy for your mental health:

●    Excessive worry anxiety-

when there is no reason for worrying about people who have an anxiety disorder, they feel extremely nervous and worry about it. Symptoms of anxiety are rapid heartbeat, tingling in the hands and feet, chest pressure, and many more.

●    Sadness longtime-

Sadness usually passes with time. When we face the nearest person’s death we get Hurt. it’s hard to believe but when did not overcome with that sadness. That maybe become depression. If a low mood gets lust for more than 2 weeks,  the person should talk to the doctor. Avielle Janelle Hernandez lost her father when she was only 4. Aaron Hernandez was committed suicide, There is no doubt that her father’s death affects her child’s mind.

●    Mood changes-

Mood changes are also called mood swings. mood changes are a very serious health issue. Don’t take it casually. For example, once if you feel very free about your day in the next moment you are upset. This thing is called mood swings.

●    Changes sleeping and eating pattern-

Most of the people don’t know how much sleeping, mood, and mental health are connected to each other. Poor sleep can cause stress, healthy sleep increase mood swing, depression, and anxiety. A healthy well-balanced diet can help you to think properly. When you stick to your diet it improves the ability of your focus. Also a good decision-maker.

●    Panic disorder:

People with panic disorder experience regular panic attacks, which involve sudden,   overwhelming terror or a sense of imminent disaster and death. Different types of phobia.


Phobias are personal. This might be a fear of specific objects like insects, animals. Fear of spiders, cockroaches is a common phobia.

b)Social phobia:

Another common phobia is social phobia. Its also known as social anxiety. This is the fear of judgment. People with social phobia often restrict their exposure to social environments.


Agoraphobia is a phobia of situation, embracement, or helplessness. As an example, we can say leaving home alone, crowd and waiting in line.

2.  How to improve mental health:

We can improve our mental health with a help of different types of activities.

●    Exercise:

Exercise reduces stress, anxiety. Even a short walking can give you relaxation. Cycling is a very good option, dance, yoga also help us for the fresh mind. It also helps you build up self-confidence, and improve your memory. Researchers found exercise is beneficial for those who exercise 30-60 minutes three or five times a week. But over-exercise is not good for physical or mental health. People who exercise more than 90 minutes a day have poor mental health conditions. consult with a health coach that’s the best option, a health coach know what our body or mind needs. Ines De Ramon is a famous health coach.

How to start mental health exercise?

Start with a 5-10 minute session. It will give you more energy. You feel a little more ready for exercise.


Dancing is a really good option for fresh our mind, it’s also good for our body. Dancing is a fun activity. And when we have fun. Our minds automatically feel good. Signs of Kidney disease

3.  Conclusion:

Mental health is equally important to physical health. We may not feel comfortable about our mental condition but it’s high time to talk about it. Feel free to say what you feel, it’s important for you.


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